When & How To Use Yellow In Branding?

Yellow in branding is a prominent color nowadays. If you want your brand to have a friendly and positive vibe, Yellow is the best choice. It is not a coincidence that yellow makes you happy. Colors have effects on human emotions. 

Since marketing is all about getting the right emotion from your customers, the impact of colors plays a vital role in your campaigns too. Several experiments are conducted to understand how colors affect customers and their perception of a particular brand. By altering the colors of your brand’s visual identity or your campaign’s significant elements, you can capture the audience’s attention. 

For example, the CTAs are red, blue, orange, or other eye-catching colors. You can use several aspects of color psychology to get a better return on investment. Look at the image. Does the yellow in branding identities not calm you down?

Yellow color in branding

In this blog, MarsDevs opens up a realm of possibilities for your brand and the marketing team. The article tells you what yellow does to our minds. It also explores the examples of brands that use yellow in branding. It concludes with a solution that helps you analyze your brand's personality and color.

Back in 2003, Joe Hallock worked on an exciting study. He studied how colors affect human psychology. While yellow scored less on reliability, quality, and courage metrics, his observations rated yellow as a color that establishes happiness and fun. It is a pretty bright color that makes you feel more positive.


Color Psychology is the study of how different colors determine our behavior. Marketers and advertisers use this color psychology to evoke certain emotions associated with specific colors. This helps the marketers achieve the return with strategized effort. You do not have to beat around the bush anymore.

Colors affect us every moment from the hour we wake up. We further organize colors in several ways. One of them is by warm and cold tones.

While warm tones include the colors like orange, yellow, and red, cold tones include purple, blue, and green. Also, specific colors complement each other when used together. For example, purple and yellow. And some colors clash, like red and orange. 

Designers, psychologists, and artists agree that you need to use particular shades for an idea to come alive. Yellow in branding is one of the primary colors, yet one of the least used ones from the color wheel. It is still a critical choice for marketers, designers, and businesses to attract eyeballs. Let us understand how.

Why use yellow in branding?
Yellow in branding

If you want to consider yellow in branding as the primary color to express your brand's personality, you need to understand the color's theory and references first. 

Having an all-yellow identity can be challenging. So, brands often pair yellow with other colors to make it easier to read. Several brands use yellow as an essential accent shade with another color to elevate the experience. 

  • Yellow in branding associates itself with warmth, friendliness, and a cheerful vibe.
Yellow for joy

Yellow adds a feeling of warmth, happiness, and friendly energy to it. It derives this symbolism from a sunny day. For instance, Chupa Chups lollipops fall under this category. They mirror the happiness that you feel when you have the lollipop.

Brands use yellow to add a friendly and cheerful vibe too. Also, Mailchimp upgraded its brand recently. Yellow dominates their brand's identity now. They associated the color in color psychology with the friendly monkey theme successfully.

MarsDevs Tips: 

Yellow as a major brand color can help you grab the user’s attention, and also appeal to their happy side. However, the color calls for a break in design with contrast colors, simpler fonts, and unique styling. 

  • Brands associate yellow with safety.
Yellow in safety

Yellow is a very bright color and is easy to spot. Thus, it is associated with caution and thus ensures safety. You would often notice that police or government use yellow tapes or triangles to alert us of an upcoming danger. The color raises the alarm and serves as a bold protector.

For instance, the JCB and Caterpillar construction companies use yellow majorly. They make their products easy to spot. Here, yellow in branding feels impactful, yet effective as others can spot. We can spot them quickly and know that they are strong, and we should take them seriously.

  • Yellow in branding to stand out.
Standing out with yellow

For instance, Snapchat uses yellow to reflect the positive vibe within the app and stands out, even though social media apps are primarily blue. National Geographic has one of the most memorable logos. But it is simple and literally just a cropped rectangle. Yellow gives them a distinct visual identity, becoming an integral part of the logo and branding.

National Geography using yellow for branding

MarsDevs Tips:

  • Say your brand has an innovative edge to it. yellow can help you reflect the future possibilities.
  • If your brand caters to children, you can use yellow to depict joy. For instance, Pokemon, the highest-grossing media franchise, makes use of yellow to represent youthful energy.
  • Want to make a breakfast cereal brand? Yellow is great as we associate the color with a bright sunny feeling.
Examples of famous brands that use yellow in branding.
  • Monk-e
Social media brands

Monk-e is an Indian talent management, influencer marketing, and video production company that helps organizations with holistic marketing. From the logo to the website, they make great use of color psychology and yellow dominates the brand. The brand uses yellow to incorporate a friendly and warm feeling. Thus, the website looks bright, welcoming, and cheerful.

  • Bumble
Dating sites 

The logo represents a hive. The dating company uses the color yellow to reflect the potential in the app. The yellow mirrors the positive vibe showcased in the purpose of the app. You register on the app to find a potential partner and the yellow wishes you a cheerful journey. The messaging is perfect that way,

  • McDonalds
Food chains

McDonalds' logo is a single yellow colored letter. It is one of the most famous fast-food chains in the United States. The brand heavily makes use of color psychology and uses yellow to convey the emotions of excitement and happiness. Paired with the cheerful headline “I’m loving it”, McDonalds serves happiness and positivity even with its logo.

  • Nikon
Nikon and yellow

The colors you can spot in a Nikon logo are black and yellow. Yellow in branding is a color that represents a positive, optimistic, energetic, and sunny vibe. Using yellow color psychology, Nikon wants to symbolize passion, expansion, and limitless possibilities of the future. The black compliments well and represents excellent quality and reliability.

  • Veuve Clicquot
Fresh like wine

The color yellow in the premium champagne brand Veuve Clicquot helps the product stand out. It cuts through all the colors to serve you a zestful shot of bright yellow.

The design was originally white. But, the brand transitioned to yellow as the color is brighter and not likely to fade away soon. People love to age a bottle of wine before even opening it. And, yellow stays. 

  • JCB
Safety and JCB

JCB makes use of very heavy machinery. And it is potentially dangerous. Previously, the brand used white and blue, but it did not work well as people could not spot the machines well. So, the brand turned to color psychology again and switched to yellow as its brand color. Yellow is a very eye-catching color and makes it easy for the people to spot a JCB at an excavated site, even in dark. 

  • Caterpillar

Safety for CAT

The construction equipment sector is very conservative. Thus, Caterpillar, a company that manufactures construction equipment, uses a very distinct shade of yellow. Even in the logo, the brand features a small yellow triangle. In this field, the colors can fade over time, and yellow is a bright color that stays for a long time and is easy to spot. It fits right while finding a perfect color is challenging.

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