Top UX design trends for Fintech 2022

The design in your website or application adds value. Do you remember the Spotify Wrapped campaigns? Why do you think the Spotify campaign works? It worked because the creative team sat together to design a campaign that connects, engages, and adds value to their users. 

Digitalization highlights the demand for unique expressions to communicate your story to your customers. If you do not stand out, you will probably get lost in the crowd. Investing in a good UX design always pays off. While measuring the impact of good design is tough, we all know how huge the gap is between "mediocrity" and "great." A good UX design bridges that gap.

UX Design in FinTech

For a Fintech startup, UX design plays a huge role. Taking care of your finances can be tedious. So, to make a FinTech platform exciting or engaging, you need to strategize it well. Not all kinds of design work. Well, have you seen a minimalistic Fintech platform?

Also, who does not want a beautiful website or app? Everyone! The problem is the investment. Now that a good design is necessary, are you still contemplating whether to go for it? This curation on the benefits of good UX designs for your brand by MarsDevs will assuage any doubts you have. 

In this blog, MarsDevs takes a deep dive into the world of UX designs in FinTech and its trends.

So, this year, why should you invest in good designs?

The first impression always counts! Of course, we know that already! But isn't the first impression always design-related? As a brand, you get one opportunity to grab your user's attention, and that's it. Whether it is your potential customer, employee, or investor, the first impression would either make or break it. 

According to research by Google, web users take about fifty milliseconds of scanning through the landing page to form an opinion about your company. 

Interactive UX Design

We have often come across websites that look complex due to clutter, lots of text, and other elements. Users discern these to be visually unappealing and less welcoming. Now, think of yourself as an end-user. Do you not prefer designs that are simple, familiar, yet creative? 

UX design is an art that communicates your brand's identity. If you do not invest in a good design, you will lose essential people. And, most importantly, a business is all about people.

Also, a good design sells. Last but of course not least, let us talk about numbers. We know that is what companies prioritize, and you should know good designs pay you back. Studies have revealed that design-led ventures enjoy the fruits of more significant profits than those that do not invest in great designs. 

Top UX design trends for Fintech 2022.

We know why we can not keep ignoring web or application designs anymore. But, before we get going, let us take some time to look at the trends that can help you modernize your brand and increase conversions. 

  • Use of Attention-Grabbing Colors

Honestly, Minimalism is here to stay. You might think that bright colors are replacing the trend, but it is just an addition to UX design. The trends keep multiplying, and the competition keeps increasing. 

And as a brand, you want to stand out. YX designers have started experimenting with bright colors, excellent interfaces, illustrations, and quirky backgrounds as users become more selective with their choices. 

Bright colors in UX

Bright colors in a web or application design help to:

  1. Increase your app's beauty.
  2. Form a strong bond between a user and your brand.
  3. Influence the mood of your users.

Focus on brightness never means a decrease in readability. You need to select a palette carefully when you choose bright colors. So, let the experts take over. MarsDevs ensures great UX design when they create your website or application. And it is time for you to stop worrying.

  • Use of Blurry Backgrounds.
Backgrounds in UX design

Blurry backgrounds were an impressive start to 2022. They are catchy yet comforting. This design flavors the objects in the foreground. So, a blurry yet bright background acts as a beneficial FinTech marketing technique. 

The benefits of blurry backgrounds are:

  1. The trend of blurry backgrounds is universal. 
  2. Consider any content, like a photo, video, image, text, animation, etc. A blurry background looks great with everything 
  3. When you blur the background, the focus is on an object in the foreground. For Fintech, there are objects that you want to be more noticeable. Thus, a user can remember all the details.

Did you hear about glass morphism? When you combine the blurry background trend with glass morphism, it gives a frosted glass effect. You can get an excellent blur effect now. 

  • Using authentic images
Authentic images in UX design

Authentic images have been a trend in web design forever. Web designers transferred this trend to UX recently. And who's complaining?

Authentic images feel more humane. And as a FinTech brand, you want to create a bond between a user and your brand identity. However, this trend is still in vogue. And you need to know if it is the right fit for your brand's persona.

  • Gamification:

Finance has never really been fun. And it can often get tedious, tiresome, and demanding. You do not really enjoy making a transaction. But, gamification can make it more exciting. Not only does it look much better, your financial procedures get less tiring too. 

Gamification in UX design

Gamification stimulates healthy financial behavior and is growing fast in FinTech. Some companies are even exploring the world of gamification by combining it with blockchain technology. The most straightforward answer to why gamification is getting popular is because of its ability to engage users. And with FinTech and its boring use cases, engagement is the key to success.

  • Data Visualization
Data visualization in UX design

Apart from looking great, your FinTech platform should add value to your users. It would be best if you made complex equations simple for your users. Say your app is presenting the user's financial documents. 

Allow the users to view them in a graphically meaningful manner. This feature would enable your app to give the users a better understanding of their earnings, expenses, and even their relationship with their money.

Be alert from the start! Are you looking for a development team that can help you end to end? Do you want a team that can chip in anytime you want? Get the one that takes care of your UX designs too. MarsDevs seems like the perfect choice, then. Do you want to know how? What about a virtual cup of coffee, then?