How essential are cloud and edge computing to a distributed enterprise!

How can edge and cloud computing help businesses be more agile? Do they really help companies support their customers? How do these solutions provide the team members with the necessary tools? Do they really help you with getting a better job done?

Cloud and Edge Computing

Several questions involve these two solutions. And it is time you know why they are so helpful and why your business needs them urgently. The emergence of the tech landscape has presented you with new reasons for understanding and learning more about these solutions. After all, what we call revolutionary today can not be just hype.

We know it is essential to learn about these solutions. So, in this blog, MarsDevs presents a short guide to understanding the vital terminologies and enhancing your critical capabilities for businesses of any size you have. 

Why is it important to learn more about cloud and edge computing?

Importance of computing

The cloud has the ability to replace in-house infrastructures, physical, and the availability and potential of several services over the internet. Among the several use cases, this one stands out. Cloud computing is undeniably a considerable tool in the 21st century. It even replaces the potential to replace the possibility of interoperability with specific digital tools.  

But there are demands for improved performance and higher speeds. These demands have helped us push limits. We need a more sophisticated service and faster experience for the distributed enterprises. Thus, a lot of these enterprises are looking forward to edge computing. Edge computing optimizes its uses of cloud computing to help maximize the assets' returns. 

Computing for distributed enterprises

We need both cloud and edge computing for distributed enterprises. It presents your business with the necessary agility and helps you serve the customers better. These solutions also help you with providing your team members with whatever they need to do a better job.

What are the differences between edge and cloud computing?

Difference between cloud and edge computing

There are several reasons why you need both cloud and edge computing. But first, let us understand these concepts and why they are different from each other. 

Cloud Computing is a computing style. It helps a provider deliver several capabilities over the internet. These capabilities enable elasticity and scalability then. Simply put, there are three different types of resources when we talk about cloud computing:

  • Platform as a Service or PaaS serves you with a cloud-based environment. This helps users develop and deploy several applications. You do not have to worry about hardware and software issues. 
  • Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS helps providers lease storage resources to businesses over the internet.
  • Software as a Service or SaaS gives providers access to the tools you need without downloading or installing them.

Edge computing can be used for a bit more complex systems. It helps you move the processing power from the centralized servers where data is collected and generated. Since the Internet of Things emerged, Edge computing has proved to be the most critical solution for enterprises. The smart interconnected sensors need you to have fast data processing. That helps the systems to function correctly. 

Why do we call it the "edge"? We need to understand that the processing power is not centralized here, contrary to cloud computing solutions' work. They are on the edges of the network. As we put the processes there, we can efficiently process data with the help of edge computing. The process is quicker, and you do not need central servers to process information. For many applications, speed response is the key to success. 

So, the critical difference between edge and cloud computing involves the location of processing power. Processes are centralized in large-scale servers with cloud computing. The processing power gets distributed throughout the network with edge computing solutions. It is closer to the users now.

What's better for you?

Cloud and Edge - the better choice

Cloud computing has laid down the basic foundation both for remote work and distributed enterprises. Distributed teams would not be able to function otherwise. At the start of this pandemic, cloud-based tools connected the distant teams and allowed real-time collaborations. This is how people could work from where they are. 

But, is cloud computing enough? There are certain challenges that we have to keep in mind. These challenges include response time, availability of resources, and latency. These can have a direct impact on the user's experience. 

Thus, we have to let edge computing step in. It is the collaboration of these solutions that makes our life easier. Not one is better than two. So, we need to understand how we can use both edge and cloud computing to their fullest.

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