"Working off the clock"; Is Remote Work the Future?

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April 19, 2022

Do you remember the days you got off work with a text from your mother? Most of them reminded you of having healthy food. You complained of a lack of time for the healthier routine and settled for less. But that's not the case now.

Remote Work

The pandemic locked the world and lost its keys. So, you started working from home. While it was hard to adjust at first, you could spend more time with yourself, friends, and family. 

It was going well, but then came the time to decide which model worked better. Have you ever wondered about the future? Would the employees be comfortable with this model, or is it the time to go back?

In this blog, MarsDevs explores all the possibilities of this remote model. What do the researchers say? What do the employees want? We are curious too. Let us find out then.

Insights into the future of Remote Working

Remote Work from home jobs

We have been busy looking for ways to adjust our new schedules while the researchers have been studying it. While we all tend to have an idea of our own, some insights can surprise you.

  • Productivity does not suffer when you work remotely.

There have been a lot of speculations regarding productivity and work ethic. It might seem fair to assume that working from home would decrease your productivity. We multitask often, and it does not seem healthy for work. However, the studies reveal something else.

The data proves that you can work remotely and still not lose productivity. It depends on the person totally and not on the state of his schedule. While the popularity of remote working increases, employers feel more confident about their employees working from home. 

In addition, Digital solutions make a lot of difference, and companies should look for the right virtual platforms to maintain a healthy relationship with their employees.

  • Digital investments can be a critical addition to your team.

After all, everything boils down to one question. Does this model work or not? And the answer is more straightforward than the question itself. It depends. However, productivity is the key to the future. And the companies need to keep an eye on it. 

Businesses can invest in several digital solutions that help their staff collaborate efficiently. With Covid forcing us to move back home, we experienced an influx of thousands of productivity apps and their growing popularity.

  • Hybrid might be the model to go. 

Remote work is the umbrella term we use for work completed outside the office. However, companies are deciding to settle between the desires of the employees and the demands of their businesses. They are going hybrid. 

The hybrid work model combines the time official with the remote working. Several companies have adopted this model, for example, Microsoft, Amazon, Target, etc. After all, when we can get the best of both worlds, why settle for one?

"Working off the clock"; Is remote work the future?

Work Remotely

As we headed towards the end of the pandemic, the survey on the job burnout of the employees reported an all-time high. While around 79% of 1501 people experienced work-related stress, three out of five complained that the stress levels invaded their productivity goals, motivation, and energy at work. 

They also reported a lack of interest in work, therefore. The psychologists pointed out several reasons for this burnout, and they assured us that it is to stay. 

So, stress-reducing measures for the employees should be at the top of the priority list for a company. Business is all about people. It is about people who work with you and the people you work for ultimately. And if your employees fail to give their best, it is always wiser to understand how to change that. 

Remote working can help your business attain that goal. As your employees take better care of their mental health that way, you remain stress-free. If remote working seems too far-fetched, let us go back to the last point from our previous section: hybrid might be the go-to model for you.

Statistics by Owl Labs prove the remote model might be the right way.

Remote Work Statistics

According to the studies by Owl Labs, 2021 was the year when we got a chance to work remotely. Around 90% of 2,050 full-time employees preferred working remotely and agreed that they are as productive or more productive than in-office. 

Around 73% stated that this model is better for their mental health, and 84% were even willing to accept a pay cut to work remotely. In another survey conducted in 2022, the results reflected hybrid as the most popular model amongst the employees. 

In addition, they reported a well-balanced physical and mental well-being. While there is no one right path, the numbers favour flexibility more.

What are today's remote work trends?

Travel Remote Working

We come across new remote working trends every day. The shifting concept of the workplace is making us more flexible with our choices. And the trends follow this principle. Let us check out some of these trends.

  • Travel Working: Have you ever thought about working full-time while on an extended vacation? We love traveling, and we often love working as well. And the Gen-Z employees are not ready to miss out on any of these options. So, they choose both. 
  • Co-working spaces: Co-working spaces are just on the rise. Honestly, we all agree it is only growing bigger. We all know WeWork and Ucommune, and they recognize the increasing demand for a flexible work environment. These areas offer everything, from a soundproof room, food, and beverages, to an excellent ambiance. 
  • Condensed weeks: As the name already suggests, condensed weeks are a test of a shorter workweek. Many remote employees test this concept on their own. They balance work with life and then take gigs and projects.

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The pandemic is near its end, and the world is now ready to take up harsher challenges. Tech gives you a competitive advantage. So, this is the perfect time to invest in your growth.

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