What Programming Languages do We Use for a Healthcare App?

Published on:
May 16, 2022

Do you own a business in the healthcare industry? The probability that you need an application is high in that case. Did you know that the health apps are valued at 47.7$ billion now, and experts expect it to grow to 149$ billion by 2028? The market grew by 14.3% during the pandemic, and it is an uphill road as we advance. Sounds fascinating, right? Well, are you missing out then? 

Healthcare app development
Healthcare app development

But, MarsDevs would not leave you behind. We bring you a blog that explains the need for tech for the healthcare industry and what programming languages we use for its development. You must know everything before deciding what to do next. 

So, in this blog, let us discuss how an application can revolutionize your healthcare business and what programming languages we use to develop that app.

How are mobile applications transforming the healthcare industry?

Healthcare mobile app development
Healthcare mobile app development

Several features harness the power of mobile applications to improve the patients' experience and change healthcare. These features include using wearables, diagnosing illnesses, ingestible sensors, etc. As we become more attached to intelligent devices, our world runs with clicks. And mobile applications make healthcare accessible to everyone. 

Let us see how mobile applications are transforming the healthcare industry then.

  • Monitor patient's health issues from a safe distance.

Did you hear about the fitness bands that you can connect to smartphones via the health app? This healthcare app tracks your activities like sleep timings, the number of steps you run or walk, etc., and records them. You can then have real-time access to your health records, patient history, etc. Several other healthcare apps record, monitor, and analyze body conditions like heart rate, blood pressure, glucose level, etc.

  • Decode easier access to healthcare.

Do you remember when you had to make physical visits to book an appointment with a doctor? Now, you can replace it with digital visits easily. When you think healthcare can not surprise you more, you can use mobile apps to book an appointment, find a good doctor, analyze their ratings, and even book an appointment when needed. It is that easy. Did you know that you can even ask general health questions from professionals 24/7? In addition, you do not even need to book an appointment.

  • Avoid human errors.

Of course! Doctors are humans too. They can make a wrong judgment by mistake. And we might argue that it is not a big deal. But, the consequences are lethal. With the use of data analytics and machine learning, you can reduce these cases of the wrong diagnosis. Using the accuracy and efficiency of the machines, you can provide accurate reports for the patients faster.

So, what programming languages can you use for your healthcare app?

With all these discussions around the importance of tech in healthcare, you must be wondering if you should look forward to hiring a new tech team. While the idea seems excellent, hiring an extra team and managing it might not be the wisest route ahead. You need to focus on the business and have a partner to look after your tech. Stop looking for it when you already have one!

Programming language healthcare
Programming language healthcare

You heard it right. MarsDevs has got you covered. We can help you resolve your tech issues while taking care of the rest. We can chip in anytime you need, and you need not worry about managing employees anymore. It is the age of collaboration, and we are here to restructure the healthcare industry together. 

Outsource to the best development team now to leave the worries behind. Whether you want to develop an app or manage it, MarsDevs can help you get over it over a cup of coffee. 

But even before we sit for that coffee time, let us discuss what programming languages we can use for developing or managing your healthcare app.

  • Python.
Outsource python team
Outsource python team

Python is one of the most well-known programming languages when considering a mobile project. It might surprise you as it is one of the easiest languages to read with a shallow learning curve. 

But when you plan to integrate vast amounts of data using AI or MI., Python would stand out as one of the best choices. It is a go-to language for IoT, and thus, your mobile app can easily communicate with the devices.

  • JavaScript.

Most developers trust JavaScript more than any other programming language. Do you know why? This is because it allows you to develop advanced features for a website. 

In addition to that, the languages add interactive and exciting features to the website or application front end. If you want to develop a mobile application, you can use several JavaScript frameworks. For example, React Native, Ionic, etc. 

  • Flutter

Flutter is an open-source software development kit that allows smooth and easy cross-platform app development. You can build excellent quality apps for both iOS and Android. In addition, you do not have to write codes separately for these two apps. 

Get a codebase for the platforms and get going. Flutter is known for its increasing popularity, with over 2 million users. Being such a developer-friendly platform, it never stops to amaze us.

  • Java.

Let us stick to android, for now, considering the market share. Android is a widely-used mobile platform with a 70.1% market share. When you have such a grip on the market, you need to target the users. Java is already used worldwide in the healthcare industry. 

The language is used for diagnostics, keeping records, etc. Well, did you know that android was itself written in Java? Thus, it will be reliable when you develop an application with this language.

  • Kotlin.

For some developers, Kotlin tops the list. It is the new programing language for android. The language targets the android market and gets a grip on it. While Java is used more widely, Google intends to replace Java with Kotlin. 

  • HTML.

We have to add HTML to the list. This is because your web apps have to interact with your websites at some point. So, you will need developers capable of working with HTML efficiently. It helps you build the apps that you communicate with now.

Whether you want to have an app or not depends, but the future is here. The world is accessible with just a click and you just can not miss out. So, either you outsource your tech requirements to experts or get your team. However you want to move forward, remember that tech will make you efficient, and if you miss out, you might not survive the test of time.

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