What is Gamification? How Can Interactive Interfaces Impact Your Audience?

Published on:
December 9, 2022

Honestly, who hasn't heard about Twitch yet? While we have all tuned in almost daily to watch our favorite streamers, you must be wondering what interactivity has to do about it. Let us find out together.

Twitch presents a competitive ecosystem for content creators. And making the content engaging for it to stand out is only possible with the gamification of simple elements. But, what is gamification? Can it ensure more users?

In this blog, MarsDevs introduces you with gamification, presents you with the reason why people are talking about and how interactive interfaces can ensure more users for you.

What do we mean by gamification?

When you apply the elements of game design and any principles of a game in non-game contexts, we call it gamification. You can define this strategy as a set of activities or processes that can help you solve problems by the application of certain essential game elements. 

In the past, we have used games or game-like to make education enjoyable, have fun with different modes of entertainment, and engage with other people. Some of the classic game elements we can discuss are badges, points, and leaderboards.

  • Badges, as the term defines, display your achievements. It can range from a gold star on a report card to service in the military.
  • Points are the visual representation of progress. It can record progress in sports, reward cards, video games, etc.
  • Leaderboards present competitive placements. You can use them across sports, games, general life, etc. 
    Gamification is not new. We might have coined the term recently, but we have always found exciting ways to engage other people, and gamification ensures that for us. Foursquare is an excellent example of gamification.

It would reward you with points if you checked into a location. And in case you have never visited that place before, you get even extra. You could then compare these points with your friends and look forward to receiving badges when you do certain special things like cracking in with more than a certain number of people or going for a boat ride. It ensures social interactions and helps you go out, meet people, and network. 

Some examples of gamification in websites

  • Foursquare for social interactions. 
    The last section illustrates how Foursquare is an original website that built its company around the premise of gamification. They grew ten times in just five years by implementing different game elements and using them for onboarding new customers. They used both real-life scenarios and online elements for their brand, website, and store. 
  • Reddit for community building.  
    Team Development at MarsDevs also needs a Reddit community, we feel. Reddit is one of the most well-executed projects that use gamification within a social site. They use points, badges, leaderboards, avatars, elements of personalization, coins, etc.  
    These elements increase engagement, engages the user, and enhances in-app purchases. Reddit took an essential blog website and transformed it into one of the most visited websites in the world. And they did that through gamification. 
  • DevHub. 
    DevHub added gamification elements in August 2010. As soon as they did that, they recorded an increase in the number of users. These users completed their online tasks from 10% to 80% after adding the game elements.  
    Even social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin have implemented game elements into their account processes and sign-ups after monitoring DevHub's success. 
  • Bruno Simon for your online portfolio. 
    Do you like checking out engaging online portfolios? While there might be better hobbies than that, Bruno Simon presents you with one of the most fascinating online portfolio experiences. You can control a 3D model truck to drive through his past projects, added playground, and social links. This experience ensures viewers take their time and enjoy Bruno's achievements to date.

How did MarsDevs introduce game elements to Reeload?

Every time we talk about Reeload, we get back to the cons of Analysis- Paralysis. "Too many options and do not know what to go for." Reeload helps you find what to watch next. So, you can now use a community-driven application that lets you skip the browse and helps you watch more in less time. It saves you time, and what's more important than that?

That’s Reeload for you.

At Reeload, users can create a list of movies and mark them using IMDb. They can also share them with other users of the platform. A mobile application stood strong as the most basic necessity for Reeload. The app helps Reeload foster brand loyalty and establish a direct or genuine connection with the users. 

In addition, Reeload is in the entertainment space, so apart from the functionality, they needed a beautiful interface for the mobile app to make it easy to navigate and appealing too. 

So, the most important part of a mobile application is its easy navigation. MarsDevs made a note of it to create beautiful UIs and made the interface appealing, simple, and compact so the users stay for a more extended period, decreasing the bounce rate and increasing engagement in the process. You can check the mobile application out now as it is available on both android and iOS.

What are the game elements here? Apart from the interactive interface, MarsDevs ensured the best design for the “share” feature. You can recommend your favorites to your friends, family, and acquaintances easily. You can even create a plan as you do that.

But, what do we mean by an interactive interface?

There are several fields that are concerned with interactivity. These fields include computer science, information science, communications, interaction design, etc. And these fields have different explanations for the definition of interactivity. The most commonly accepted definition still includes the interaction between users and devices through an interface. 

There are several elements of an interactive user interface. One of them is visual hierarchy. When you look at a design, do you grasp all the information at just a glance? You take some time to get there. What catches your attention first? Is it the headline in bold or the CTA in orange? 

There is a specific order in which humans process information on your page. And that is visual hierarchy. The visual hierarchy is the method of prioritizing certain elements that need instant attention. The users get overwhelmed and distracted without a proper structure and will fail to take any action at all.

Getting a developer that also takes care of your sites’ UI is tricky. You can hire the best and then find out they do not fit with your team. Hiring is a long, tedious, and costly process. And now think about the number of times you need to hire and fire before you land with the perfect fit.

Create an interactive app for your business with the best development team!

Guess who the best fit for you is in this field. Of course, the one that helped you understand the custom mobile app development process better. We would say the answer should be MarsDevs. 

MarsDevs is the one-stop development shop that can help you with almost every software development requirement. Being one of the best mobile app development companies, MarsDevs can chip in anytime you want. It doesn't even matter if you wish to modify an already existing app. MarsDevs makes the best out of it. 

While we can discuss the limitless possibilities for hours, let us know each other better. Please share your project details so we can go through them. Also, let us know about your development requirements as we share our expertise. So what about a meet and greet virtually?

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