What do You Mean by Technology Stack?

Published on:
December 22, 2022

Are you still working with broken processes? Is there a lack of visibility across the team? Are you dealing with data overload even now? To face these challenges, you need a great tech team.

"In the future, every business would need technology to scale." says the founder of cred Kunal Shah in the podcast with YouTuber and entrepreneur Ranveer Allahbadia. And honestly, we can't agree more. However, for a small startup of five just starting with their venture, is it possible to get an in-house tech team? Is it worth it? 

In this blog, Marsdevs talks about technology stack.

What do we mean by a Tech Stack?

A tech stack, popularly known as a solutions stack, is a collection of software services we use for application development. 

Naturally, developers have the opportunity to build several different software-based outcomes, which means that technical stack types can be just as diverse. 

Now, a web stack requires software specifically for web application development. 

However, an application stack, in contrast, would need several different software for ensuring an operational application, as well as the software which would pertain to the application's infrastructure and its running environment. 

Some of the tech stacks are so popular that they have started using clever acronyms to describe their makeup. 

The acronym LAMP is one typical example of a technology stack that is best suited for Linux distributions. LAMP stands for these four open-source software components: 

  • Apache
  • Linux
  • Python/PHP/Perl.
  • MySQL

While Linux is an operating system, Apache is a web server. MySQL is known as a popular database management system. And finally, PHP is the programming language for your application. Altogether, this software stack can help you build highly functional web applications. 

LAMP is one of the many stacks that help developers with the right direction regarding programming software. 

Another open-source software stack for building websites is known as MEAN

  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • AngularJS and
  • NodeJS

Yet another open-source software stack for building websites is known as MERN

  • MongoDB
  • Express.js 
  • ReactJS and
  • NodeJS

They all come together to make up the MEAN software stack. 

The MEAN/MERN software stack has three primary advantages

  • It never relies on an operating system. In addition, it stays within JavaScript as its primary language of the stack too. This makes MEAN/MERN and LAMP compete with each other for the attention of tech businesses. 
  • When you use deliberate frameworks like LAMP and MEAN/MERN, you prepare the developers for what might lie ahead in the development process. 
  • As you get going with the research, software teams draft a plan and make calculated decisions. This approach ensures that they pick the most beneficial stack technology for themselves. 

Is a Technology Stack essential?

As we have been mentioning, the greatest asset of a technology stack is its conversational skills. The importance of a tech stack thus lies in its ability to convey several details concisely. 

But it is even more essential for you to know how to use the details you learn. A few words can reveal any application's strengths and weaknesses if you are a knowledgeable software developer. 

Information of this quality determines not only your application's durability but also the success of your business. 

For example, the MEAN/MERN stack depends exclusively on JavaScript as its programming language almost every time. MEAN's strict reliance on JavaScript helps us remove the extra layer of complexity in most parts of this application-building methodology. 

It illustrates that employing a developer who knows JavaScript should be reasonably uncomplicated. Moreover, JavaScript is one of the most well-known languages. Developers would only need to be functionally familiar with that one. 

The language also has numerous libraries and structures which promise ease and flexibility while you scale your business. 

At the same time, every stack comes with its set of disadvantages too. Many people flock to JavaScript entirely because of its popularity. 

Less experienced developers are only sometimes adept at learning and managing JavaScript's new libraries and frameworks. A skilled team of software developers needs to keep all these intricate details and considerations in mind to be able to build the optimal tech stack. 

What might make up an excellent tech stack?

You might already know the names of several friendly services. However, the tech stack covers all the other components too. These components make up the software you use/create. (I.e., the building blocks.) 

  • Operating systems 
    I.e., Windows, Android, Linux, iOS
  • Programming languages 
    I.e., Python, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, NoSQL, and so on
  • Frameworks 
    A set of methods, patterns, libraries, and structures. These elements help a developer in building the software application. They also allow the programmer to avoid writing boilerplate codes. This, in turn, saves time and effort.
  • Servers 
    i.e., web servers, caching services, routing, etc.
  • Analysis tools 
    i.e., monitoring and performance tools that tell you how well your product is working or analyzes behavior that highlights how users interact with the software
  • Databases 
    This covers any and every data storage and querying technique. The database also includes relational and non-relational databases. These databases are where the data from and for your software gets stored. You can later use them to improve the program.
  • API connections/services 
    APIs, or 'application programming interfaces,' help you in connecting and integrating all the tools in your tech stack
  • Tools 
    i.e., automation tools, back-end development tools, front-end development tools

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