Trends 2022: UX Design for Fintech

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April 28, 2022

How is design important in a Fintech startup? It is about finance and technology. We know that is what you are thinking. But guess why CRED stood out even before you used the application? Correct! The UX design was unique yet familiar to you. Why do you think the startup focuses so much on design? Why is its design more famous than its services?

UX design in Fintech

It is because the first impression matters. You have heard about it often. But did you think that it applies to your application as well? There are hundreds of articles on the internet discussing the concept of eight seconds attention span. You get late, you lose! The need to stand out within the next couple of seconds gets clearer when looking at the transition reels or the maximalism in designs.

So, in this blog, MarsDevs discusses UX design and their importance in a FinTech Startup.

Your website or application’s design controls perception.

Is it just your application? No! Even your website needs to be visually appealing to attract eyes. Well, do you watch cooking shows? Let us consider their example. We often feel that they put more effort into the presentation than preparing the dish itself. Why do you think they do that? Because they know we would first eat with our eyes. Great UX designers know that too. 

Imaginative designs control how a user perceives a brand or its products. To understand more about the psychology behind your users' decisions, read the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by  Dr. Robert B. Cialdini.

Design trends FinTech

In his research, Malcolm Gladwell noted down some interesting facts. He compiled them in his Genius book "Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking." In one of the experiments, he adds 15% more yellow to 7 UP's packaging. 

You would be surprised to know that people started reporting a more lemony flavor. The drink itself was the same. Then, what changed? According to Gustave Flaubert, "There is no truth. There is only perception." These experiments establish how impactful a great design can be for your FinTech brand.

Design can help you mould perceptions in favor of your brand and control what your audience feels about it. Concepts like color psychology, font psychology, and visual hierarchy come in handy here. And design should be the last thing you want to miss out on; right?

Grab attention with great Website/Landing page designs.

Fintech Startup 2020

Designing a landing page, a mobile application or a FinTech website is, of course, not rocket science. You can win this game, but it takes genuine effort. The first point that you need to keep in mind when working on a landing page is whether or not it gives your customers what they want. 

A UX design that "looks amazing" is excellent, but it is not just about the look. So, let us open up the mystery box of secrets to a great landing page or website. 

Many elements impact top-notch tech landing page designs, but there's no "one rule." One of the examples can be the form length. You would need to optimize it, right? But when you ask the experts, they will tell you that both long and short forms perform well. Are you surprised? We understand. But, what they mean by the statement is that every single decision will depend on your marketing intent.

Consider an example to understand better. So, one of the most well-known strategies that we mentioned a lot is "keeping it simple." Note the details in the example below. The headline is user-oriented and grabs your attention. The page looks clean and still communicates all the details you need to know. 

In this case, you want to convert visitors into your consumers by conveying the correct information so they can scan through it swiftly. And in the example below, it just fits right.

UX designs 2022

Level up your UX game with MarsDevs.

We can post a hundred blogs on UX designs. And you can read all of them. But, would it be enough for you to understand how it works? You have a business to focus on, so leave UX to the experts.

MarsDevs can help you get there. We know the importance of a great design. And apart from the expertise of the best development team, MarsDevs takes care that your site looks great and every user counts. 

Let us know if you have a project now. And in case you want to keep connected, why don't we book a slot and catch a cup of virtual coffee together? Do you like making new friends? MarsDevs' an Extrovert! So, to keep connected, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter! 

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