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August 22, 2022

"You have built a great business. Now, change!" Innovation is the most crucial aspect of a business's journey to stay relevant. The only constant changes fast, especially in the realm of technology. All those traditional building practices are left behind in the past. Developers are now working on energy efficiency and sustainability.

Every business webinar you attend has one solution in common. While one can call it a marketing practice, sustainability is the future, and businesses strive to prove that they care more than the rest. Technology in building is now known as smart building and is transforming designs while contributing to the comprehensive sustainability for tomorrow.

Implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) can be recorded as the most impactful advancement. It helps you connect building systems while reducing the consumption of energy. We can understand now how fast the night's changing.

Smart building technology
Smart building technology

Looking forward to more advancements, we must understand what smart building technologies are and how they can contribute to the future of sustainability. 

So, in this blog, MarsDevs introduces you to sustainability, Smart Building Technology, its future, and its possibilities.

What is Smart Building Technology?

Smart building technology definition
Smart building technology definition

Now you know how smart building technologies help in sustainability. But before adequately using smart buildings, you need to understand what they are and how they work to help you be more efficient. Smart building technology can be any technology related to controlling and monitoring building occupants and systems. A digital infrastructure protects facilities against technical obsolescence by future-proofing them.

For example, with smart building technology, you can access Internet of Things (IoT) elements, including the environmental and lighting controls, from a central control panel. You can even access more complex systems such as data collection and augmented reality. This technology can make building more convenient for people and improve energy efficiency to help the planet.

Are Smart Building Technologies really Eco-Friendly?

IoT for smart building technology
IoT for smart building technology

“Smart building” is a rather broad term, but you can sum them all up under the umbrella of various smart building technology concepts. The shared building blocks can create the core functionality of today’s smart buildings that can be subsequently used for the immersive experiences and robust controls for which the buildings are already known.

Several reasons state that smart buildings have an eco-friendly approach. 

Some of these benefits can include:

  • The use of data analytics and tracking of the energy expenditures of the individual assets. Certain technologies like Envizi by IBM help you lower your carbon footprint and reduce the energy consumption of individual building elements using these advanced technologies.
  • Programming smart building technologies to turn off appliances when unnecessary, reducing energy usage and lowering the overall carbon footprint.
  • Monitoring occupants easily. They also track and monitor how they use appliances. This can help people recognize energy-wasting behaviors and eventually correct them to lower their carbon footprint.

In the 2020 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction, the United Nations stated that smart buildings could significantly help the environment.

How can smart building technology help us?

Simply put, smart building technologies use IoT and share information to control operations, enhancing human interaction. These advancements seem wildly fascinating and bode well for the vision of sustainability. 

With the growing prevalence of future-proofing businesses, here's how the smart building technologies are positively impacting us.

  • Increase in overall Efficiency
Crack efficiency with smart building technology.
Crack efficiency with smart building technology.

We all know that buildings require a tremendous amount of energy to operate. Unfortunately, the more energy you need, the more it contributes to the carbon footprint, wreaking havoc on the environment. Primarily, we supply more resources than necessary, just in case. 

So, in addition to being wasted, this practice is unethical as well. Fortunately, when you use smart buildings, they present you with a viable solution that increases energy demands and decreases waste.

Technology has well-equipped smart buildings with innovative features. This makes the tracking process simpler. You can now easily see how much energy you are using. Best of all, these implements do not demand any human involvement. 

For example, most smart buildings come with automated lights that turn off and on on their own without your effort. As you need less involvement, human error no longer depletes energy resources. Thus, smart buildings make energy conservation more accessible and promote efficiency.

  • Better Communication and Collaboration
Better collaboration with smart buildings
Better collaboration with smart buildings

With IoT, we rely heavily on integration. That being addressed, smart buildings have intricate components that allow your team to work together seamlessly. If we get into the specifics, smart buildings use cloud-based networks. These networks are simple and clear, making communication and collaboration more manageable than they are generally. This makes optimizing performance easier and lets you monitor progress easily.

With the added elements in the process, operations get streamlined, and the workflow gets smoother for you. Also note that efficient communication and better collaboration boost your team's morale. In addition, when a team has access to these resources, they're more inclined to use a greater intelligence volume. Therefore, smart buildings are a must for individuals and companies to flourish. 

  • Introduce simpler processes
Smart building technology and simpler operations
Smart building technology and simpler operations

When buildings are not armed with advanced features, you are caught off-guard. With smart buildings, you can detect malfunctions right away. As a result, it is simpler for you to address issues and, in turn, get back to business as usual. Battery management systems, in particular, can do a great job in identifying and targeting these threats. Moreover, these systems can detect issues on their own. That means they need minimal human intervention.

Smart Building Technology: A Sustainable Alternative.

Above everything else, when we put a premium on the power consumption of IoT, it is easier for us to track, monitor, and solve the ongoing setbacks, practical approaches, and problem areas. With the introduction of smart buildings, we can reduce our carbon footprint significantly and foster sustainability while endorsing eco-friendly alternatives. 

For example, an occupancy sensor can reduce environmental carbon dioxide levels just by monitoring them. When this sensor identifies less movement, it signals the building management system to turn off heating, ventilation, and lighting. 

When people return, these systems return to their regular mode. Now you can guarantee a safe and comfortable environment. Luckily, with the advancement of technology, smart buildings are becoming more accessible too.

Future-proof your business with smart building technology and MarsDevs.

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