Technical Support: In-house vs Outsourced Which is Better?

Published on:
April 7, 2022

Are you still working with broken processes? Or is there a lack of visibility across the team? Are you still dealing with data overloads in 2022? To face these challenges, you need a great tech team.

"In the future, every business would need technology to scale." says the founder of cred Kunal Shah in the podcast with YouTuber and entrepreneur Ranveer Allahbadia. And honestly, we can’t agree more. However, for a small startup of five just starting with their venture, is it possible to get an in-house tech team? Is it worth it?

In this post, MarsDevs talks about tech, the concept of outsourcing IT services, and debates on what is better: in-house or outsourced.

Outsourced it support

What do we mean by outsourcing? How does that work?

Outsourcing pros and cons

Businesses keep changing with evolving technologies, and the demand for tech companies are as high as it has ever been. As the introduction mentioned, every venture uses technology for a global reach, even music businesses, and record labels. And it just does not stop there.

So, is it even possible for a small startup to stand out? Building an in-house tech-team is costly, takes a lot of time, and can be risky, too. After you spend hours hiring the perfect fit, what guarantees they will fit in with the company vision? The problem was apparent, and businesses identified a gap. 

And with the help of third-party service providers, businesses started outsourcing. But, what does this term exactly mean? Outsourcing is a widespread business practice. In this practice, the companies hire a third-party service provider to perform specific tasks, handle their operations or provide services for that company. 

Let us understand with an example. Bloggers need visually beautiful graphics and engaging videos to promote their blogs. Meanwhile, an in-house design team working for her would cost a lot. So, she hires a graphic design agency to help her out. In this case, the blogger is outsourcing the design services. The design company is the service provider, also known as a third-party provider.

What is an outsourced technical support then?

Outsource technical support

While the base concept remains the same, the use case for this practice is, of course, different. It solely deals with technology. Technical support is a service that helps a business develop, deploy and manage technology and or software applications. In this practice of technical support outsourcing, the companies hire a reliable third-party service provider to handle their products' or services' technical support.

But Technical support: In-house VS Outsourced: Which is better?

Inhouse or outsource

Deciding between the best for two different situations can be somewhat daunting. While it is inevitable that in-house teams are costly, what's better depends upon the stage of your business. For a company that has capital, the choice is fair. Otherwise, it is better to weigh based on the pros and cons. 

In-house IT support:


  • It's quick! 

You can guarantee a quick response when you have a team on your office premise. You need not worry about network issues as you would speak to them in person. While most outsourced IT companies provide quick support too, what if the phone lines are busy?

  • They fit your company's structure.

You can always choose who you want on your team. And that's great! You can use trial and error to find your perfect match. And then it just helps you work independently. 

  • You can assist the team on-site

The access to view the problem can help you assist the team better. An in-house IT team guarantees that. However, with remote working gaining popularity, it takes the charm off this advantage.


  • Cost is high:

New startups would miss out on many opportunities if this were the only choice. When you are on a budget, how do you hire tech, marketing, and design teams all at once? Well, all these parameters are vital for you to succeed. Right?

  • Needs a lot of trial and error.

Say you want to form a team of four members. How do you make sure all of them align, complement each others' skills, and still produce the best work? You would need to keep hiring and firing before getting the right team. Working in a startup is already quite tiring, which makes the situation worse.

  • In case of hiring the one, can he know everything?

One person can not know everything. So, when you hire them, you need to be working with limited knowledge. When you work with an outsourced technical team, a lot is going on in the backend. There's a team supporting the developer, which guarantees the best output.

Outsourced IT support:


  • Fixed Monthly Cost

Who does not like surprises? Right? When it comes to letting go of money, we do not! Most IT services provide a budget for you. This way, you know what you can expect. Developers charge more depending on the workload. And in a startup, nothing is predictable.

  • Flexibility

The team works the way you want! You have to sit back, relax and focus on the other aspects of your business while they monitor your applications for you. And in case you do not like something, most teams are flexible to change their way of approach.

  • Fast yet efficient

When there's a team looking after you, you do not have to worry about delays in deadlines or quality. They provide you with quick service without compromising on efficiency.

  • Saves time, money and effort

There is so much to work on when you are just starting to build something unique. It would be best if you were not worrying about hiring. It takes you hours of effort, wasting money, and no guarantee. And we believe in working smart. Right?


  • Can't explain issues face-to-face

When you outsource a service, they are not in your team directly. So, you can not explain your issues face to face. It is remote and might feel draining if you are not a fan of this approach.

So, What’s better?

Say you are a team of twenty hustling your way to stand out. Would it be possible for you to get a couple of in-house developers, given such a high fee range? In that case, of course, outsourcing would help you scale faster. Also, you have fewer people to manage. And do you know the best part about outsourcing? They already have a track record and thus are reliable too. 

However, if you are a big company and have the resources to hire and manage another team, an in-house team sounds excellent! While there's no winner or loser here, it depends on you and your company. Outsourcing is a great way to start, always!

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