Skip Analysis Paralysis and Build Applications with MarsDevs

Published on:
September 22, 2022

Do you often forget why you came to the other room and did something else? While it had no connection to analysis paralysis, you must agree that the situation sounded very relatable. Let us skip to the next relatable analogy. 

Have you ever opened Amazon intending to buy the perfect pair of jeans with a brand in mind to eventually get lost in the ocean of options and fail to buy anything at all? We often end up buying boots instead of the jeans we went for. This is what we are talking about today. 

In the blog, MarsDevs introduces you to analysis paralysis and helps you understand how to overcome it with us.

What is paralysis analysis?

The term analysis-paralysis emerged when Barry Schwartz (a psychologist) introduced us to the 'Paradox of Choice' concept. The Paradox of choice illustrates that more options often lead to confusion, indecision, and even anxiety among us.

So, for years, we have applied the concept of analysis paralysis to customers' decision-making and used them to simplify the consumers' purchase path. However, analysis paralysis is not just a random problem we face with modern consumers; it can also impact the workforce.

Just like you analyze your customers, even your employees in your workplace can often feel uncomfortable with the sheer volume of data they can access and the multitude of tools they can leverage with that set of information. It is an issue that has grown even more significant in hybrid work systems, as the staff is now dealing with increasingly complicated workflows, disjointed communication, and software tools. In the absence of a good leader, the issue just grows with time.

Here's an example of an analysis-paralysis situation you might encounter daily. Say you open the app store and start browsing. Now, you want an easy-to-follow, simple, colorful app that would make me want to check in every day and mark my tasks. Or, say, something that gives you a sense of accomplishment, like Duolingo. That should not be too hard to find, right?

However, whenever you start looking for one, you tend to analyze every detail and fail to decide which app might work the best for you. You eventually begin finding something wrong with every app you use. And in the end, you simply close the app store to deal with the choice some other day.

That can happen to you while choosing a home appliance, a smartphone model (or other components), which stocks to invest in, what preschool is better for your kid, or even which place serves the best dinner.

So, how can we address this issue of constant analysis paralysis in business?

Analysis Paralysis and the New Workplace

The hybrid working model is the people's favorite now. Many of us even consider it the ultimate solution for returning to the office. This model presents the companies with access to the perfect combination of in-office and remote working benefits. It is a smart, innovative, and efficient solution for employees and companies. 

In contrast to the hectic office exhaustion, hybrid work assures you a more flexible commitment to maintaining the 'traditional' office space. In this model, teams come together and collaborate in person, maintain strong workplace connections, take their time off with themselves, and still drive improved company culture.

Unfortunately, we have come across downsides to hybrid work, too, as companies attempt their best to build the perfect hybrid work environment with their team. Dozens of crucial tools, systems, analytics services, and information sources simultaneously create confusion, inconsistency, and analysis paralysis more often. Even before the pandemic, did you know that the average knowledge worker had to spend around 30% of their workday just searching for relevant information?

Analysis Paralysis while building excellent applications. How can you skip them with MarsDevs?

When working on a project or building new applications, analysis paralysis can even stop you from reaching your true potential. We have often seen non-technical founders doubting themselves and taking a step back, thinking this is not the plan they want to execute. While successful founders talk about the importance of starting early, failing fast, and constant feedback loops, a founder can't understand if he should begin or take some time to better ideate.

Many would argue that you need a technical person for that. However, it takes time and is uncertain. It is about finding a partner, and you can not be sure enough unless you work with them for longer. In addition, many software outsourcing companies help you with consultancy services. Being experts in the space, they can help you skip the analysis-paralysis phase and build applications at an affordable rate.

While analysis will always remain a crucial part of your business's journey, you should ensure you analyze information correctly.

  • Try to get access to relevant information only. 
    When you avoid information overload, it is easier for you and your team to be focused and not lose direction. You can build a dashboard of relevant information for that. Make it easily accessible and keep updating according to the needs. For any information you or your team members do not need at that instance, you can create a knowledge base that they can quickly scan for reference. 
  • Take the help of data to get better with decision-making. 
    Use the long-term data your company collects over time to predict potential trends in consumer demands, service patterns, etc. This trick will help you prepare for potential issues affecting your team's productivity.
  • Get more frequent with training. 
    Ensuring proper training, guidance, and support for your employees in all environments (remote and in the office) gives them access to your thought process, mission, and vision. So, they can now make decisions at speed, and you can ensure you agree with them as well. This will help you create policies and procedures for all your team members and follow them when you deal with complicated issues. Now you spend less time worrying about 'what next?'.
  • Get more comfortable with agility. 
    Encourage your team to make more agile decisions as you train them on team best practices and gamification. Competitions based on essential customer service KPIs can help you motivate and engage with your employees while encouraging quick decision-making systems and consistent feedback loops.
  • Get faster with feedback, updates, and problem solving. 
    As you strive to develop a better hybrid workplace, keep an eye on areas where your employees struggle with limited access to information. If you promote gathering feedback from your team members, it will help you to optimize as you go on.

Skip analysis paralysis and build applications with MarsDevs!

The mobile application development process is complicated. It would be best if you had a team of developers for the job. Again, we understand how tiring it is to balance business and hiring. You even have to hire and fire to decide on a perfect team. But, it is the age of digitization, and every problem has a quick and easy solution. MarsDevs makes it affordable too. 

Code Maintenance: Don't want aggressive development? 

We can still build products with all essential features by 

maintaining the code.

UIs that stand out: Easy-to-navigate, simple, yet beautiful & intuitive! 

We know what a balanced color scheme can do and are 

here to execute magic!

Change tech-stack: We can transfer the technical stack 

from Php/ Nodejs/ Golang/ Ruby to any Python/ Nodejs 

the framework you want!

Developing APIs: Built using proper database schema designs, 

We can develop APIs using REST and GraphQL.

Deploying the applications: We have a strong devops who can help and scale your deployments. 

After all, why should you invest time, money, and resources in hiring when we can chip in anytime you want? MarsDevs takes care of all your development needs while you focus on business. Your applications stand out with excellent UIs, which is just the start. So, let's connect over virtual coffee. While we share our expertise, you explain your requirements.

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