Python3.8 - The Walrus Operator

Published on:
February 25, 2022

Python's most recent version, Python 3.8, was formally released on October 14, 2019. The new capabilities included in this edition are fantastic additions for any Python programmer.

Python 3.8 has made some significant performance enhancements, making it quicker than before.

In Python 3.8, we can use the assignment as a part of the large expressions. It enables you to allocate variables inside of an expression. It will save you some lines of code & enable you to write Python code that is even clearer and more condensed.

It also goes by "The Walrus Operator" because it resembles a walrus' eyes and tusks


1. if-else block


< Python3.8

2. In while-loop:


< Python3.8

here we save one line by using the Walrus Operator.

3. In for-loops:

Python 3.8

< Python 3.8

Notice that this is not a good practise as we need to call call_some_function(number) twice in the comprehension.

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