Python3.6 - What the f-string !

Published on:
March 25, 2022

Hello World!!!
Its syntax is simple

Let’s see how to use variable along with this:

In the below example, we call the function from inside the f-string and print the returned data from the function, cool right ?

We can use f-strings even when there is a dictionary instead of just variable.

We can even take a step further by doing something like this, which will give individual data. And please take note of the use of " and '.

We can even do a multiline f-strings

Note: we need to prepend "f" for each new line :)
Let's see some paddings examples:
This will get total of 4 padding spaces at the start followed by the last_name which is 6 characters.
So total comes to 10.

The following line of code will give left aligned text and trailing padding spaces so total character count sums to 10 (6+4).

Now let us get the text in centre.

Truncating some characters of a long string.

we can also try combining padding & truncating of character in one shot.

How does f-sting behave with numbers:

We can also try padding along with numbers

the following code will add 0’s at the start and also round off the number to 2 digits only after decimal point:

Writing some complex code with variables:

Now you try the following code and comment below what you get as output:

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