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Published on:
September 19, 2022

Say you want the most trendy biker jacket. Mostly, you would have a general idea of the budget, look-and-feel of the product you want. You do not need it though and have decided to take some time before actually investing on it. 

Suddenly, you come across a Facebook ad announcing an exclusive winter sale. Even when you are not committed to an immediate purchase, you go for it anyway. And to validate your impulsive investment, you whisper to yourself, "what if the sale ends"?

According to the data, almost 7 out of 10 millennials experience this fear of missing out. “What ifs” scare us! We hate to be left behind, and just the thought of missing out on an opportunity makes us anxious. What if it slips right through our fingers, and we are the only ones shut out from the experience? We often refer to this as FOMO or the fear of missing out. 

Now, FOMO marketing is the way for savvy marketers to tap into this particular psychological construct. They structure their messaging in a way that appeals to your desire to latch on to every opportunity they serve on a silver plate. And, if you remember, we often jump in for an impulse buy rather than wait to regret it later. But, you need to influence the impulses and change them into action. But, what do you do now? You redirect them to your website. To streamline such processes, you need a good development team.

How can you hire the best in tech?

Say you finally decide to get help and build your brand. Your teams work perfectly, and you still do not get satisfactory returns. When you look at your competitors' strategies, you realize your brand lacks automation. And that's when you decide to hire a development team. You research what qualities a development team should have and then choose to get the best design team for your business. It's an easy ride now. Is it?

Hiring is a long and tiring process. Let us walk through it together. You let people know about the opening for your team, and you start getting applications. Scanning through hundreds of resumes, you pick your favorites and check out their portfolios too. You like one of them and prepare yourself for the interview. 

After a series of interviews, you decide to start working with someone and find out that they do not fit your team. Now, you start contemplating what went wrong. And you need a team to help you with the tech issues, not just one developer. That sounds like a nightmare, we know. But, this article does not want to scare you. It wants to help you out with a solution. So, we should get to that.

If you still do not know, the on-demand development services are trending, and why not. 

Establish a personalized channel with mobile applications. 

How important is a mobile application? Your consumer behavior keeps evolving, and you need to maintain a constant feedback loop to understand them better. What if you invest in making a user's experience better and then realize that you misread their needs or wants? The frequency of the feedback loops needs to be short, and a direct personalized channel helps you crack the code. 

Let us shift the torch towards some statistics and quantify to verify the ideas or trends. According to the statistics, around 85% of shoppers prefer an app over a mobile website while shopping online. That covers e-commerce, but is that it? Studies say no! 

Mobile apps channel 57% of the digital media, with 2.87 million apps on Google Play and 1.96 on the App store. Even the ROI invested in elevating your user's experience rounds up to 100$. And while the numbers keep soaring, app-based startups have a higher IPO than non-app-based startups, higher by about 827%. The numbers are not a joke. No?

A mobile application presents you with the opportunity to personalize your communication. You can leverage the user's profile information to engage your consumers individually. People look forward to unique experiences, and personalization serves that purpose. Studies report that around 70% of consumers anticipate having a personalized experience with every brand they invest in.

An app can help you crack that code and ensure a deeper relationship with every customer. This leads to increased engagement and a better outcome for a brand. You can use your user's profile information and then communicate with them based on their individuality and preference. 

Apps can be your direct marketing channel. Push notifications serve as another strategy that helps you connect directly with your consumers. You can engage better, remind your customers of what new you are offering and keep them updated constantly. 

There are certain app-specific features such as geolocation. These features help you create relevant magic moments. When you increase your level of targeting, you build a stronger relationship with your consumers. And then, you do not just make a customer base. You create a community.

Future-proof your business with excellent applications and MarsDevs

You are new to it. We understand. And even if you are not, just a blog can not help you understand the market and work on getting better. Hiring a new team is challenging, and you can not afford to lose more time and money on hiring and firing to find the best fit right now. And in case your in-house team needs a partner, we are here to help you out. 

MarsDevs presents you with the best development team to help you with every tech issue, from conceptualization to development, development to deployment. MarsDevs can chip in anytime you want. You need technology to stand out from the crowd and engage with your customers better. And we know how to crack the code.

So, it is time to collaborate and look forward to premium quality coding and excellent UIs that stand out. Let us get a cup of coffee and discuss what next. Share your requirements as we share our expertise. It's time to revolutionize the industry together.

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