MarsDevs' Tips: How can Marketing Videos Increase Ecommerce Sales?

Published on:
August 16, 2022

"What gives you wings?" Someone asked me sarcastically. And my friends replied together, "Red Bull." We laughed, but we all  remembered the tagline so well it fascinated me. We weren't even a big fan of the brand, so why?

Think about the videos they use for the advertisement. We even remember some of the storylines. That is the impact a video can create. And you can do that too. 

Video in marketing
Video in marketing

“We’re operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following; where a massive social following can drive programming decisions; and where a user or an advertiser can dynamically create programming.” – Mike Henry, American voice actor, director, writer, and producer. 

For a brand, it might be tricky to understand how this works. So, MarsDevs gives you a better understanding of how videos work for brands and how you can make them work for you.

Should e-commerce businesses try video marketing? Why?

Video marketing has introduced a new wave of revolution in marketing. While we kept talking about its potential for the future, the future we talked about is here. The businesses believe that video marketing gives them a better ROI. This fuels the trend further.

Video marketing in ecommerce businesses
Video marketing in ecommerce businesses

According to the studies by Wyzowl, around 86% of businesses have switched to video marketing as their primary marketing gateway. In 2020, the numbers were around 85%, about 87% in 2019, 63% in 2017, and about 61% in 2016.  Among the marketers who use videos as a marketing tool, almost 93% believed that it is an essential tool for their strategy. 

Among the types of video created, about 73% are explainer videos, 67% are social media ones, 51% of them are presentations, 41% are sales videos, and 41% video ads. The numbers show us how effective video marketing has been for marketing across the board. 

But why? Is it a trend or is there more to it?MarsDevs gives you the lowdown on everything you need to know about video marketing. 

  • Marketing videos bring you great returns on minimal investment.
Roi through marketing videos
Roi through marketing videos

According to the statistics, about 83% of businesses agree that videos offer a good return on investment. Creating videos is easy if you know how to make them short, precise, yet effective. You can squeeze all the information into a 10 seconds video, and people would rather watch the video than scan all the pointers on your infographics. People get to know what you are talking about, which increases conversion and thus sales. 

While the production is not inexpensive, you get back heaps more than you invest. Also, the prices of online video editing tools are decreasing, becoming more affordable to the mass. You can even make incredible videos with your smartphone. 

  • Grabs the attention of your audience faster.
Increase attention with videos
Increase attention with videos

We are tired of scrolling. Most of the content pieces that we come across are images. So, when we stumble over informative content, we skip. It would be best if you had a compelling presentation to make people pause, and Videos can help you do that.

The content might be informative, a product or a service launch, or an intelligent advertisement. You know a marketing campaign is excellent when it does not feel like marketing. Videos allow you to explore different possibilities and create stories that create an impact. They leave an impression and make your brand memorable.

  • Videos can boost conversions and sales.
Videos can boost conversions and sales.

Last but not least, a creative and compelling video can help you make money. You care about numbers. So, let us dive a bit deeper. 

The statistics showed how adding a product video on the landing page increases your conversions by around 80%. No matter what category it is in, you can make it work. Studies have also confirmed that about 74% of users bought an item after watching an explainer video. These numbers link the videos to direct sales.

If we think a bit more, this effectiveness is not too surprising. Videos are easier to watch, more engaging. Thus, it is easier to understand your point and seal the deal. If pictures can do such wonders, guess what videos would accomplish for your brand.

Step by step guide by MarsDevs: how can you create a high-converting video?

Get high conversion rates
Get high conversion rates

The world is moving fast. And videos help you grab your consumers’ attention. People are ready to consume content, and the volume of content on the internet is only going up. So is posting a video enough? 

What is essential is creating videos that convert and deliver results. Having a great strategy and then creating a good video would be best. MarsDevs offers you a step-by-step guide that can help you create a video that increases your engagement with your consumers.

  • Think of an attractive headline, excellent thumbnail and great copy.
Thumbnail in videos

What do you come across first when you look at a video? It is the thumbnail. We all have noticed the YouTubers experimenting with different kinds of thumbnail images before going with one. Why do you think they do that?

Because the thumbnail needs to be attractive for a customer to even click on your video. You need to generate curiosity in their minds with a compelling design before they click. If they do not stop to check your headline, you do not stand a chance. How good your video is, does not even matter in that case.

Also, One of the most crucial parts of a high converting video is its headline. A great headline that catches your customer's attention is compelling. It increases your content's engagement level and introduces you to a great place to start. For instance, if you notice any video on Youtube by GaryVee, you would come across a headline that creates a curiosity in your mind.

Your copy follows your headline in terms of catching your audience's attention. Your copy would depend on the platform and its algorithm. It would be different on different platforms and needs to be excellent and engaging. For example, take any copy by Neil Patel.

  • Cross promote on different channels.
Promotion through youtube
Promotion through youtube

If you want more people to view your video and take action, cross-promotion is essential. This strategy encourages more people to convert. You can do it across different channels or even on one. It depends on what the purpose of your video is.

For example, if you post about your products and service, you can post it on different channels like Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, etc., using different copies. The videos' layout mostly remains the same, but you can customize that too. You can also post the long-form video and its snippets on your Youtube channel. Similarly, on Instagram, you can post both IGTV videos and reels.

MarsDevs Tips:

  • Once you create a video, you can use the content to create a well-designed infographic for your social media.
  • Experiment with different forms. Start a podcast and introduce Spotify or other platforms to your list of marketing channels.
  • Add a link to your presentations, videos, or promotional short stories to your newsletter when you send them out.
  • Include the CTA to enable conversions.
Cta in videos
Cta in videos

Do not let your potential customers wander. If you do not tell your audience what to do next, they will watch the video, enjoy it and leave your page without taking any action. If you want them to take action, tell them how. End your video message with a clear CTA on what to do next. Do you want your audiences to make a purchase? Let them know..

A CTA attached with the video helps them take instant action. They can watch the video and tap on the link to convert. Be clear about what you want to do with the video and use the CTA to get it done.

MarsDevs Tips: 

When you attach a CTA, use attractive colors to the customer's eye. You want your customers to scan yet get it right. 

Attach the end card and edit with an outro that has a proper message. Attach the message with an attractive design to not look too pushy—design changes how your customers perceive your brand. 

Typography matters too. Is your video about a professional announcement? In that case, Arial works. But, when you announce a festive sale, make it quirky by using fonts with uneven weights.

  • Narrate a story.
Storytelling in video marketing
Storytelling in video marketing

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” 

-Seth Godin.

Your audience is not following your brand's social media to create promotional content or a sales pitch. They expect content that adds value. So, even if you post a promotional video, let it be a story. If you do not post informative content that adds value, create content that entertains them and makes them stay.

MarsDevs tips:

  • Use designs to elevate your storytelling game. Instead of long stories, use an animated video to narrate your brand's story. 
  • Use color psychology to add an emotional touch to your content. 
  • When you make educational or infographic content, narrate it through an engaging video. Add points to make it short.

You need to use the design elements to create an engaging video. Professionals use color psychology as a tool to engage better. 

MarsDevs Tips: What makes your product video great?

A good video tells a story. And it solves a problem. Depending on the purpose of the video, it will help you communicate your ideas to your audiences. If communicated clearly and wisely, it can lead to conversions. 

Apart from having a compelling and engaging narrative, there are other vital elements that you need to focus on. MarsDevs presents you with five tips to help you create a winning video. 

  • A short and clear message.
Messaging in video marketing
Messaging in video marketing

You want your potential consumers to go through the content and know what it is about. Your customers need to understand the message to take action. But, they would not be watching a 20 minutes video in order to understand your point. The attention span is getting short with time, and you don't want them to miss out.

So, keep your message short and sweet. A video is best when it is under two minutes. The engagement decreases as the length of the video increases. In that case, you might not get to put your idea forward.

  • Focusing on the problem. 
    Why do you want to make this video? What do you want to address? Answer your questions and address these problems in your videos. Also, you do not want your customers to wander around with a problem, so provide a solution.
  • Providing value. 
    What do your customers get after watching the video? If you post a video on how great your product is, the customers would watch and move on. Create a storyline around it, make the video either entertaining or educational. Provide some value, so after they watch your video, they click on the follow button or take some action and convert.
  • Produces a pool of content. 
    When you sit and strategize about new content that you can post, try to think of ways to produce a pool of content through one. If you do that, you would not need to strategize every time you post something. For example, if you post a content that educates a beginner, you can create several pieces of content based on that.

What are the different types of videos you can use?

Types of video in marketing
Types of video in marketing

Videos are growing exponentially in digital media. The videos increase engagement and have a massive reach. Video content is great, but what kinds of content should you use to aid your brand’s video marketing goals?

You can demonstrate your product using the video instead of a blog or a manual..  With a clear animated video of how the product works, you can persuade the customers to take the plunge and buy your product. If designed and shot well, it makes for great content even for people who are not looking to buy.

We also refer to them as educational videos or "how-tos." Why would your customers buy your product? How-tos answer these questions in an easy to consume format. You hit their pain points, highlight the gaps, and let them know how your product can solve their problem.

Not every customer knows you or your market. It is vital to highlight why they need your product or services, why it is urgent, and in that case, product explainer videos work the best.  Explainer videos also make for great social media content. 

What has your product or service brought to the market? Document it and show them to your customers. While numbers can get boring fast, you can create videos that make them attractive. This strategy is essential in building trust and leveling up the brand game.

For a case study, you need to study and focus on a particular demographic, geographic, and psychographic. Then check if your product or service has been successful within that range. If it has been, document the reasons why it worked. If not, try and note down the list of mistakes in your strategy.

MarsDevs tips: 

  • Use a transitional video to build up a good story. Make use of branching scenarios. 
  • Use animations that involve exciting characters.
  • The scenarios you use should be realistic as professionals get critical ideas through a case study. 

Ensure you get the reviews, mainly when the experts use your products. You can create a video based on the interview. Get in touch with the personality and record the person's opinion. This strategy builds trust and is a great way to subtly advertise your product or service.

It would be best to get personal sometimes and create videos that connect. Eventually, the customers start remembering and relating to your brand. The behind-the-scenes processes make the customers realize that you are not just a hardworking company but also a lot of fun. Business is about people; and these videos showcase the humane side of your brand.

Top Video marketing examples for ecommerce sales

You need to incorporate video marketing in your strategy too. To do that, you can either try out, make mistakes and then get going, or study other brands and then attempt to go for it. Let's consider some examples from a few brands doing it right.

You get hooked on it from the first second. The voice is fun and yet has a serious approach. The video showcases what a customer can expect from the brand and has a very light-hearted spirit. It also reveals the opening experience in just 30 seconds, just as we want.

It is a training mask, and you need to show the item. While the video is simple, it has a story to tell, and that hooks you. Through the story, the brand gets the point across, and as it focuses on a niche market, the dedicated trainers go for it instantly.

The video merges the latest trends based on aesthetics, materials, and colors. The video is simple yet innovative with the use of catchy music. It boasts of an upgrade and communicates it well. It is under two minutes and keeps the customers hooked, making it a great example of a product video.

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