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Published on:
October 30, 2022

Mobile applications are not just requirements anymore. They are now a necessity. Customers prefer using the application on mobile as it is more accessible and personalized. This new normal has created an enormous global market for mobile application developers and companies. 

Studies report that 85% of businesses have used these applications for developing their businesses since 2018. Companies depend more on customized apps than websites. These apps help them assist everyday operations, including data access, sales support, service support, communications, productivity, etc. Custom apps target unique needs and personalize the services for your customers.

We have been talking about a new buzzword. But what is this custom mobile app? Is it similar to a regular mobile app? A custom mobile app helps you perform tasks and fill in gaps in the IT solutions that exist in your business. While off-the-shelf mobile applications are available to everyone, custom mobile apps are different.

There's an app for anything you can imagine, from small businesses to fintech, eCommerce, fitness, internal employee communication, and more. You can develop an application as an extension of an existing business or create a new one from scratch.

Whether you want to develop an application for your business or build the next Uber, MarsDevs introduces you to a guide to building a great mobile app for your existing business or the next.

MarsDevs introduces ways you can execute to build a successful mobile application

  • Identifying your users
    Firstly, you must know who will use your app before building one. This information would help you better understand your app idea's business potential and the market need and examine how you can communicate with your target users' audience with a great marketing message while figuring out which communication channels to use.
  • How can you do that? 
    You can start by searching for stats and insights as you check the trends daily, ask relevant questions on the forums, conduct some polls, or build a Minimal Viable Product version of your mobile application. At the same time, you keep collecting all the user feedback.
  • Ensuring significant value 
    A good idea for an app
    is to solve a problem that a target group of potential users recognizes. Even the most basic form of entertainment, for example, the Candy Crush game, provides an outlet for stress as it alleviates the boredom of, say, standing in queues. 
    The application should benefit the user in a way that motivates him enough to download and use it. The best way to ensure value is to develop a habit-forming product
  • Deciding on Your App Features (Primary and Add-ons) 
    What would be your app's core functionalities? That's where you need to focus your features. 
    People are often tempted to add an extra feature that does not add value to their application. But then, these features take away from your app's primary purpose. Each element also adds to the cost and your application's development timeline.

Some of the most popular application features might include:

  1. Push notifications
  2. Community space
  3. Surveys and questionnaires
  4. Video and audio hubs
  5. E-carts
  6. Ordering system
  7. User directory

Simplicity still stands out as the most crucial aspect of these early development stages. If your app's primary function doesn't require the user's exact location, you can skip the GPS feature.

  • Start with the Wireframing 
    You can define the wireframe as the rough layout of your mobile app. It can be informal too, and you do not need to include your app's graphic designs there. You can create a wireframe on paper, napkin, or even a digital wireframing tool.

The wireframe illustrates the app's features and layout of the schemes simply.

While sketching the wireframe, you can map the user journey too. What happens when they click on a particular button? How does the next page look?

Wireframes can help you get your team on the same page regarding your vision for how the application should work and function.

Choosing the proper Development Method

Before creating an app, you'll need to determine the best method for your unique situation. The best option for my app is not the best option for yours. Choosing the proper method would be based on factors that include your budget, technical skill level, and time to market.

Native development involves low-level coding. So even if you're not a developer, you can learn a bit by yourself, and for support, you can hire a specialized developer to help you create the app. If you're planning to launch the app for iOS and Android, the developer would need to deploy native apps on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

In contrast, Hybrid development can be a cost-effective alternative to the native route. Most hybrid builds rely on a web technology like Javascript.

This coding language allows you to develop and deploy an app on multiple platforms. 

Noting down the Technical Specification

Consider the wireframes that you worked on during the pre-development process. You can now use them to create a "tech spec."

Nobody sees these inner workings behind the scenes of your app. Sometimes, it would make sense to change things logistically because it saves you time and money.

An app developer can scan your wireframe to assess every technical challenge except the visual ones. Your tech spec can help you find alternative ways in order to achieve your goals as well. These alternatives can step in real quickly to save you time and money then.

Create a custom app for your business with the best development team!

Guess who the best fit for you is in this field. Of course, the one that helped you understand the custom mobile app development process better. The answer should be MarsDevs. 

MarsDevs is the one-stop development shop that can help you with almost every software development requirement. Being one of the best mobile app development companies, MarsDevs can chip in anytime you want. It doesn't matter if you wish to modify an existing app. MarsDevs makes the best out of it. 

While we can discuss the limitless possibilities for hours, let us know each other better. Please share your project details so we can go through them. Also, let us know about your development requirements as we share our expertise. So what about a meet and greet virtually?

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