How To Create Viral Content That Drives Traffic?

Published on:
July 4, 2022

Several posts go viral across the internet. Some of them are simple memes that we share, laugh at, and forget. And some are advertisements by brands that help them generate viewers and increase sales. Last year when Cred came up with the Rahul Dravid video, it went viral overnight. Everyone was talking about "Indira nagar ka Gunda," and Cred was making money.

To summarize the context, Cred is an Indian FinTech company founded by Kunal Shah in 2018. But, how did the brand do that? Did it predict the success, or was it organic? What does it exactly take to create a viral campaign? And lastly, why does your brand need to invest more in these campaign strategies? 

Let us address every doubt regarding the viral contents in this MarsDevs article.

Advertising viral content

What do we mean by "viral content marketing"?

When you target your content's purpose for getting more shares across social media, media sites, emails, blogs from your industry, simply every place around the web, we call it "viral content marketing." Generally, we create content, put it out and hope people would like it, and move on to the next. We do not follow a strategic path. So, it mostly does not get shared.

This happens with most of the content pieces brands share. But when you consider a viral campaign, it will have a plan from the beginning. When you finally create it, you can amplify it through promotional activities, encouraging others to share. 

It seems tricky but is doable. Among other factors, you need good content, great compelling designs, and a proper understanding of how your audience would approach it. You will discover how viral content can help you generate leads and drive traffic as you start doing it.

Create viral content

How can viral content drive ROI?

When you post videos, people come across them. The journey starts with gaining followers. While having followers seems like fun but a useless goal, it predicts the brand's popularity nowadays. If you calculate the percentage growth, you can develop the audience growth rate, which determines your content's success rate.

Content drive ROI

After learning who your audience is, you can analyze their engagement rate. You need to target the right people and guide your marketing decisions accordingly. Determine your existing strategies so you can pivot whenever required. These metrics also help you determine which influencers are your audience. 

As you start tracking your audience, you can better target the audience, further insight into the lead acquisition. Separate them into two bins of new and old to get going. Make your customers relive all the experiences of the conversion funnel to lead them to take action.

Many people will visit your site out of curiosity when one of the videos gets viral. And the rate of engagement increases significantly. While people convert when they come across your content, your brand's reputation gets better as well. Viral content acts as a pivot to your journey, and thus investing in content is one of the most critical aspects of your marketing strategy.

MarsDevs Tips on creating viral content.

Viral content tips

Identifying trends, researching, working on them, and going for them is tough. Design the content yourself adds to the work. So, MarsDevs can help you with development services so you can focus on content and marketing strategy. It is important for you to create an impact. Register for a quick call now. 

Apart from the services, MarsDevs has some tips for you. These tips help you understand the scope better and make the way clearer.

  • Get Selective: A topic is trending. Does that mean you must report on it? Not really! Check relevance, analyze if this will work, and then decide. 
  • Give credit to your sources: Capture the opportunities as soon as you get to them. But do not forget to give credit. Link your content to original sources and accounts. This provides your brand credibility.
  • Do not copy: You come across a trend and copy it. Why would people even consider sharing yours? Offer a twist, make it a bit more exciting, and then put your opinion forward. You can make it funny, controversial, or even inspiring. 
  • Use keywords that are relevant: How can you make sure people come across your content? You can do that by using relevant keywords that optimize your content. Use names of people or places that are related to your content. Make sure your audience can navigate back to you. 
  • Do not rush: While being the first brand to identify trends sounds excellent, do not rush to report first, especially when attempting for the first time. Study the trend, strategize and then work on it.

8 steps to create viral content that drives traffic.

How to create viral traffic

We all agree that you would never know which content gets viral. But it would be best if you still had a strategic plan to create viral content. You can sketch out a proper strategy for approaching each of your social media. You need to plan out the research process, the creation, and the execution.

MarsDevs presents you with some significant aspects that can help you level up your content game and create content that gets viral and drives traffic.

  • Research well
Research for content

You can not reach a destination without having a map. You can still get wrong even after knowing the place. But, it would help if you had a solid plan to get going. So, first, figure out what your audience wants.

Before researching the content, you need to know what you can post about. If a famous meme is going around, would your audience relate to that? Then you can spot content that can get viral. Apart from "what they want," identifying the trends is critical to creating the next content piece.

  • Be unique
Create unique content

There would never be a scarcity of content. The space is saturated, and you need to make your name. Brands are competing like sharks. So without a clear and unique strategy, you would never be able to set yourself apart from the crowd.

To be unique, many brands lose sight of relevance. It is impossible to keep re-innovating, and you might need the inspiration to keep going. You can use similar concepts but with a catch. Play around with the design, story, and theme.

  • Convey a clear message
Clear message through content

It would be best if you did not confuse your audience. When you create content, also sketch a clear picture of the storyline and what you want to achieve with it. Only when people relate will they share with their friends. And that increases your chance of getting viral. 

Also, the content should have a prominent call to action. If it gets viral, your brand should make good use of it. Let the customers know what to do next. Want them to visit your site and make the purchase? Link it.

  • Hook the audience
Attract new audience

Consumers need to know what they are signing up for. Make the headline compelling, so it captures the attention of the viewer. The best way is to raise curiosity among them. Hook them in to stand a chance. 

Your content is essential. Your content needs to be great, relevant, funny, or unique to get the extra shares. But, to make people check it out, you need to attract them through the designs. Even when you use a video, ensure excellent quality.

  • Collaborate
Collaborate for content creation

Let us get back to Cred's ad. The first content that got viral was the collaboration with Rahul Dravid. Since then, every advertisement they post gets millions of views. They focus more on associations, the latest one being with Neeraj Chopra, India's Olympic gold medalist. 

This is a proven strategy. Collaborating with such big celebrities might take some time. But, you can start small by approaching the influencers. These influencers have thousands of followers that can help you reach more people.

  • Create a plan
Create content plan

A plan would not ensure that your content would get viral. It is a combination of effort and luck. But, it can help you have a map. You know where to go.

Every campaign can focus on a different strategy. You can use similar techniques for more than one but with a twist. Say you concentrated on creating content based on a famous meme this time and failed to garner views. The next time you can collaborate with a similar brand to follow a trend and get viral.

  • Measure your returns
Manage returns from content

Is the plan working out? Are you getting more views with each content, or is the engagement decreasing? If using a particular strategy is getting you the views, you can follow that a few more times to understand how. If not, you can sit with your team and plan again.

You need to know if your strategy is working on planning a pivot if required. And you need to pivot at the right time to see the results faster. If you have the numbers, you can plan better.

  • Try again
Retry and experiment

Success comes with hard work, persistence, and luck. If it does not work now, you can retry with the same or different strategy, depending on the measure of returns. Once one of the contents gets viral, the previous ones garner the spotlight. So, it is essential to keep trying to be an overnight success.

Make your brand viral-worthy with MarsDevs

You can not just focus on viral content to attract customers and leave a dent in the industry. First, you need to crack the code to good technology. Technology is the base of every step towards automation and scalability. And, if you don't own up to your position among the tech leaders in your industry, you will lose out on the competitive advantage. 

MarsDevs can help you manage the tech and development issues while bringing you informative articles on scalable options so you can only look up. We are a team of excellent developers who can automate your needs and make them accessible to you. We can discuss expertise over the next virtual call if you don't mind. Let us know when we can connect to discuss possibilities for a better future.

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