How Can You Save Thousands Using Our Outsourced Development Services?

Published on:
May 10, 2022

You need an excellent tech team for your business to scale better. But art is subjective, right? Why are we talking about art suddenly? Well, what is development but art? It involves creation but in that case, how do you spot a good development team? 

python development team
Good python development team

When we talk about these strategies, a good team is based on certain fundamental principles. By a "great" tech team, we mean an approachable and affordable yet unique and best when it comes to quality. 

And, it is time to wrap up with the best development criterion compiled by MarsDevs.

How can you save thousands using their outsourced development services?

Outsourced development services
Outsourced development services

First of all, subscriptions to outsourced tech services come with a guarantee of the best quality service. Also, you can try them out for a short period before committing to the long-term game. If you are not happy with these services, you can cancel after a small project and quickly move on to the next deal with a fresh helping hand. 

This is not an option with the in-house tech team you hired or the freelancer you contacted. There are more ways to save money when you work with these services. 

  • Customized rates: Why should you pay a fixed rate for a different project from others? Your business is unique, and you should be able to quote a special price that fits you right. While an in-house tech team demands a fixed monthly rate, the outsourced ones have service rates customized just for you. 
  • No surprises: You need not worry about the processing fees, overtime extras, or commissions anymore. You can leave "hourly fee tracking" and upgrade to a more relaxed experience. The outsourced development team quotes a price according to the services you would need, and that's it.
  • An affordable option: The average hourly rate of hiring a developer who can handle web and app development is more than $80. So, if you consider an eight-hour shift, the total rounds up to around 640$ per day; meanwhile, these services charge you a more stable rate, affordable than most in-house IT teams, depending on the size of the project. And, let us get to the good part, you get a backup too. 

Introducing the best development team!

best development team

Hiring can be tricky. How do you make sure a developer fits well with the team? It is costly yet unreliable! So, should you just skip tech then? It is time to work smart with easy access to experience and expertise. You sit back while MarsDevs builds the applications for you. 

With a team of dedicated developers, MarsDevs focus on providing value through premium code quality. And the best part? It is cost-efficient, active, and yet the best!

But, how does MarsDevs Help?

Code Maintenance: Don't want aggressive development? MarsDevs can still build products with all essential features by maintaining the code.

UIs that stand out: Easy-to-navigate, simple, yet beautiful! MarsDevs knows what a balanced color scheme can do and are here to execute magic!

Change tech-stack: MarsDevs transfers the technical stack from Php/ Nodejs/ Golang/ Ruby to any Python/ Ruby framework you want!

Developing APIs: Built using proper database schema designs, MarsDevs can develop APIs using REST and GraphQL.

Why is MarsDevs different?

Software development team
Software development team

Regardless of the stage in software development, MarsDevs can chip in anytime you need. From conceptualization to development, deployment to maintenance, we have an experienced tech team with focus on innovation. In the age of digital revolution, use technology to engage with consumers better and stand out from the crowd.

If you start your research, there is more than one excellent outsourced tech development team. But you need to settle for the one that fits you best. You want a team that promises you the best quality and does not exceed your budget. And it is time to stop worrying about that. MarsDevs got your back! You can now present your project and own our expertise with a virtual cup of tea and a session to know your development team better.

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