How can You Follow Trends to Level up Your Business Strategy?

Published on:
August 12, 2022

Do you know what is cool? The way BTS blew up suddenly in 2017. They are a boy band from Korea and became a sensation worldwide. Music connects people, but this time was it just music? Their fandom-based marketing strategy brought home global recognition. And this is a strategy that can work for brands too. 

MarsDevs can create the best applications for your brand, but how would people know about that? In this blog, MarsDevs illustrates how you can promote the products we build.

How can you follow trends to level up your strategy?

You need to get ahead of the curve and look for trends that help you lead. You need to be a leader at identifying and executing these opportunities to level up. But, how can you keep up?

  • Keep updating your newsfeed
Update your feed

Social Media enables you to catch up with what is going on lately. It helps you track the trends and the ideation faster. You can customize your feeds on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This way, scanning relevant topics get easier, and you get to know the trends for the day. Even if you do not have the spare time to read, you can save for research later. As you ideate, revisit the saved article anytime you want.

  • Do not underestimate SEO
Seo is a big deal

It is very simple. If more people are searching about a specific topic on Google, it is more likely to be popular. You can try tools like MOZ or SemRush to research keywords or trendy topics. It helps you identify the searching patterns quickly and get going with it. Recently, a wave of metaverse, crypto, and the NFTs took over, and most brands were pretty fast at jumping at the sight of the opportunity. 

Go after the niche. Now, you will often realize that certain topics are picking up but are not doing great in terms of search volume. This means they would be picking up soon. These gems, when identified, let you fill the market gap faster than your competitors.

  • Uncover your competitors' secrets

Identifying patterns is important. You can do that in two different ways. The first one is by understanding the market and the second way is by studying your competitors' secrets. Some websites like similarweb help you do that. You can analyze any website or app using these and discover what's happening worldwide. Staying ahead of your competitors might be the key, but you also need to know what they are up to, and you can do that by just observing.

Competitors analysis
  • Engage

Accept feedback from your customers to understand how you can make your brand, team, and your services better. They are using it and thus, know the best. You can do that by circulating survey forms through newsletters or even by replying to their comments with relevant questions. Social media is a great place that enables you to reach your customers personally. 

Customer engagement

Knowing how they perceive your brand or industry can help you set yourself apart from the crowd. Also, it helps you build a community of long-term loyal customers. Underestimating the power of your consumers’ insights would do more harm than good.

  • Invest in designs.

Conversion and sales sound great. But to reach there, you need to make people stay. Studies have stated that generally, when we hear or read information, we remember only about 10% of it after three days. But, if we come across visual content, we retain around 65% of it. You want people to remember your brand and the message, and good visual content can help you do that. 

  • Network
Network to get work done

Engaging with your customers, knowing what they exactly want, and understanding what the market lacks right now helps you personalize the experience for them. It is special and essential for you to reach and retain customers. But, you also network to get the right work done. 

There are experts in your industry who know more and can help you and your team get better. You can attend webinars, conferences, networking events, and join communities to meet people who know you and your work.

  • Subscribe to journals and consumers
Journals for updates

Trade journals can help you spot the issues in your industry, track them, and get working with it. Before subscribing, research on the best ones, try to figure out which ones would benefit you the most and then get on their lists. Now, you can read the journal online or get the printed copy if you want. Do it your way and get ahead. A regular go-through can help you sit back and strategize better.

  • Leverage the team

Get your team a communication channel. You can easily start a company wide email alias. Then you people can share interesting findings, relevant articles, trending topics, etc. Getting one person to research might not be as insightful as getting your team together to share ideas. 

High-impact trendy ideas 

Special discounts in marketing

When you look at big brands, you can easily spot similarities. Every big brand grabs the opportunity as soon as it detects it.. For example, as soon as the metaverse started taking over, the popular fashion brand, Gucci stepped up to build a digital wardrobe. Other brands followed their footsteps. It is great to be a pioneer and we are sure you don’t want your brand to miss it.

So, now you know how to follow up with the new trends and get going. But, what are the tricks that can help you get it right? Let us explore together.

  • Look out-of-the-box for ideas to reach your customers. 
Out of box ideas

Do you remember Apple's "Think Different" campaign? Pushing the human race forward might seem crazy. But eventually, you would realize how brilliant they are as a brand. And we love how the “the people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who actually do” fades to the Apple logo and the tagline “think different”. While we know how legendary it was, why do you have to “think different”?

Apple think different campaign

Doing what everyone’s doing can help you stay. But to lead, you need to try something different. There are pioneers in every field and you need not wait for the most innovative ideas. But, when it comes to campaigns, you should be open to new approaches, trying strategies that you have never tried before. Brainstorming with your team can help you think out of the box.

Play around with already established strategies by introducing a new touch. While coupons are quite common, you can introduce an idea that can help your customers get new offers everyday until the sale ends. Designs make your content better and unique. Good designs would also convey your message wisely without distracting your audience. Creating content by yourself can be tricky, and you might need to team up with professionals. 

Let the world know
  • Consider Influencer marketing now more than ever.
Influencer marketing is the future

Did you know MamaEarth when they first started? MamaEarth and Wow refer to themselves as brands involved with Fitness, Health and Wellness. When they introduced themselves to India, most of us did not know what these brands represent. 

But then, even people we know who are not very conscious about the products they use started considering a shift in their lifestyle. There was a wave, and everyone played along. We can all remember our favorite influencers recommending either MamaEarth or Wow. They were competitors, but both claimed their place, and if you look back, you realize the strategy worked well. 

Before you can be loyal to a brand, you need to trust it. What are the ways that help us trust them? The first one is the lengthy process. You need to try and then analyze if it works for you. And the second way is the shortcut where the people you trust recommend the product. Influencer Marketing is an established strategy, and if you have not tested it yet, it is high time for you to do that. 

Try contacting an influencer who works for the industry you are working in and collaborate to check how it works out. People are looking forward to spending money on working on themselves and you do not want to miss out.

  • Invest in engaging designs and videos.
Invest on designs

Often when we go out, meet strangers, and come across people who light up the room. They just walk through the door and instantly grab the attention of every single soul. Have you experienced that too? But, then when you get to know them well, you realize that though they are amazing, they have imperfections too. 

Afterall, we are all humans. Then why do they shine so bright even amidst other excellent people? What sets them apart? It is their confidence that makes them seem perfect.

Want to elaborate on the perception part? According to Ivanka Trump, perception is more important than reality. If someone perceives something to be true, it is more important than if it is in fact true. This doesn't mean you should be duplicitous or deceitful, but sometimes even the false assumptions play to your advantage. 

You can add value to people’s lives without making a change to your own. But if you make your brand look better, people would at least stay to listen to what you have for them. How can you be the center of the eyeballs? By making use of beautiful designs and videos. Apart from just your websites, even your social media feed needs an aesthetic touch. It gives you a chance to at least take part in the game.

You take care of strategies to market great products while we build them!

Designs are an essential investment. But that is just the beginning. Every business has to eventually invest in technology to scale well. But the transition from the presence of your brand on social media to being a technology-based winning business is tricky. Do you have to hire a team of developers now?

MarsDevs can help you win this game. From development to deployment, maintenance to management, MarsDevs can chip in anytime you want. It takes care of all your tech issues so you can now focus on building your business well. But, words are never enough to discuss possibilities. Let us know about your requirements while we share our expertise.

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