How Can Slow Websites Affect Your Business?

Published on:
December 13, 2022

What do you mean by a website? A website is a collection of many interlinked web pages written using HTML, CSS, and Javascript (traditionally), and this collection of web pages share a single domain name.

A responsive website is a must for an e-commerce company that wants to retain potential customers.

Responsive websites are websites that fit on any screen size, according to the device on which it is used. These are called responsive due to this characteristic of being feasible to use on variable screen sizes. But what if they load slowly?

MarsDevs explains how simple terms like page load speed can affect your business in this blog.

Some Statistics prove that page load speed affects your business!

Slow websites frustrate us more than any website being temporarily down or not working at the moment. In the US, an overwhelming 79% of American adults found slow websites more irritating to use than those unavailable.

Over half of Americans said that they feel 'much more hostile towards a brand if the site is slow to load every time they go to it; less than a quarter (23%) said they felt this way about a site that was unavailable.

7 in 10 (70%) adults in the UK rate website speed as necessary; the American number was lower at 41%; however, only a tiny proportion in both countries (1%) said speed was irrelevant.

The study's results indicate that retailers benefit more from optimizing website speed than ensuring website availability.

How can slow websites affect your business?

  • Increase in bounce rate 
    According to the internet guru Neil Patel, a "bounce" occurs when a certain user visits your website and leaves it without interacting further. 
    There can be several reasons behind a visitor leaving or bouncing off a web page too soon. But it can all be traced down to the site's performance. A Google report found that a second delay can increase a site's bounce rate by over 100%. Unfortunately, if you check an average website, it can take up to twenty-two seconds to appear correctly on the browser.
  • A disappointment in the User Experience 
    A slow website can frustrate even the most patient of your online users. It is all available with just a click. Why would they wait for you? Here are some statistics to exemplify this point-
    About 40% of online users leave a site if its loading time is more than three seconds
    47% of online shoppers expect an online retail site to load within just two seconds
    Around 79% of online shoppers tend never to return if they experience a slow-loading website 
    That's quite an eye-opener, right? Let us add more facts to it. Our average attention span has dramatically decreased with the advent of short formats. Now, we leave faster if a site does not meet our needs.
  • Decrease in traffic 
    Even a slight dip in search engine ranking would inevitably lead to a drastic fall in traffic. If your website appears low in the search engine, it draws less traffic. 
    The first position receives around 33% of search traffic, compared to 18% for the second. The traffic keeps degrading from then. 

    Consider e-commerce websites. A drop in traffic can be particularly distressing as low traffic often translates to low sales. Studies show that 79% of online shoppers dissatisfied with a website never return to the site again. 
    What if you are not running any e-commerce site? Does it still matter? Drop-in visitors can mean fewer people are aware of your business or interacting with it. The reason behind building a website for your business is for people to visit the site and learn about the product or service you are providing. If a slow website prevents you from accessing your site, it defeats the purpose of actually investing in a website for your business!
  • Fall in search engine ranking 
    If you have published anything online, you hope that someone eventually reads it. However, the online space is highly competitive. Only the first few websites on top of the search engines attract visitors. You must have already noticed it yourself! When you Google for anything, do you scroll down and open the last websites on the search engine? No, right? 
    So, if you want an audience for yourself, you need to rank high on these search engines, which is a competitive space. Every site wants to be on top of the other and climb to a better position. Many factors enable websites to rank high. The performance of a website is one of them.
  • A disbalance in Expenses and Revenues 
    Apart from generating more sales, you can also reduce operating expenses by improving page load time. Improved website performance is critical for companies if they look forward to minimizing their investments.  
    In contrast, if you have a slow or unoptimized website, its performance directly affects operating expenses and reduces revenues. A study by Bing on website performance and revenues reported that a 2-second delay in search results could make you incur a revenue loss of 4.3% for each user.

Make web pages load faster!

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