How are the Best Brands Making Use of Great Designs?

Published on:
September 26, 2022

Every time we go for a night out, we decide to dine at a great looking restaurant. We would always want great food and the presentation blows our minds over and over again. Did you notice how beautifully they present your dish? That does not influence the taste of course. 

Then, how does that affect them? Why do you think they do so? This is because they know that we taste with our eyes even before we touch the food. Presentation is critical, and the presenter already knows that. 

"Perception is reality. If you are perceived to be something, you might as well be it because that's the truth in people's minds." 

Steve Young.

And as Steve Jobs states, design is not just what it looks or feels like; the design is how it works. Do you remember how Apple claimed its place? Everything was already available in the market. Apple just redesigned it, making it simple and compact. And our brain always prefers simple; no wonder Apple is such a big name now.

After working on your brand's profile, you need to shift your focus to the designs. Start with your website itself. When you get a good development team, make sure they also take care of your UI. We can write paragraphs, but we know how hard it is to hire the right fit. And if you go along with the developers with a sense of designing, you would never be able to start.

You have a friend in us in that case. Team MarsDevs guarantee you a great UI with premium quality coding. You win the game by navigating an app with meaningful animations guiding the user, a well-balanced color scheme, and confident typography. These are all traits of successful and revenue-generating apps. So, let us discuss possibilities next

How are the best brands making use of great designs?

According to a survey on consumer insights by PWC, most customers take a look at social media before confirming the purchase of a product. UPS reports that most customers are millennials, and consider social media a very integral part of the buying experience. 

If you think you can create an account and upload random posts, you should not be upset if the results end up to zero. You need to be strategic about how you approach social media. 

Creating a strategy is tricky and knowing what others are doing can help you figure out your place too. So, let us take a look at the brands that are winning this social media game.

  • GoPro

GoPro is a camera brand, the most versatile one. Having a total of about 18.7 million followers on Instagram and around 3 million on Twitter, the brand creates value and recognition, while promoting its products and interacting with the consumers. They have a popular hashtag (#GoPro) that even photographers use widely. 

While they are present on most of the social media platforms, they use each platform differently as one should. For example, they promote their brand, interact with consumers, and reach out to clients on Facebook. But, showcase their products and their qualities on Instagram, post tutorials on Youtube, and announce the launch of new products on Twitter. You can spot a pattern and thus understand the strategy.

While they serve the content differently, the design plays the game. You would follow its Instagram feed because of the beautiful photos and forget that it showcases its products through them. If you are the brand's loyal fan, you will notice a change in the designs when you check out their Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest supports vertical photos only, and Go Pro repurposes its content using a different design this time too.

  • Nike

Nike invests a great deal in marketing. And as social media emerged as one of the most successful platforms, the brand was quick to jump in. Nike has around 189 million followers on Instagram, and about 60 million on Twitter, and you can easily track their strategy as you study their activities on different platforms.

Nike does not focus on the product itself. It focuses on the athletes and sports teams. They have a message to deliver through the people. And these people make the brand. They use Facebook sparingly, just for the sake of the big campaigns. 

Facebook's algorithm is tricky, and prioritizes friendly and familiar posts on the user's feed, which does not work well when a brand wants to create a professional presence. Instagram is their leading platform, and that's where sports fans go for inspiration. With the popular hashtag and their tagline, #justdoit, Nike posts pictures of their athletes.

The strategy includes design as one of the essential aspects. The algorithms of different social media channels support different layouts. For example, they use high-quality photos and videos for Instagram. With reels taking off, the possibilities are endless, and Nike is experimenting with all of them.

  • Starbucks

Starbucks knows how to interact with its followers. It has around 17.5 million followers on the platform and uses the platform to post aesthetically appealing pictures and videos of its product and people enjoying these drinks. They respond to their followers via comments, interact via stories and build relationships. 

Starbucks uses Facebook to provide information. They upload photos and colorful videos on Facebook too. Facebook has lots of information regarding its stores and job openings, making it a very interactive platform. While the other two platforms focus on aesthetics the most, Starbucks uses Twitter solely to interact with its audience.

They leverage the designs, just like the other two big names on social networking sites, according to the purpose. They use high-quality videos and images to showcase their products and infographics for big announcements. Your brand's content, design, and end goal strategy define your success. While it sounds tricky, you can always get help from the experts.

Establish your brand's identity and blend with different moods.

For a moment, let us try to think of the best brands you associate with; for example, consider Chanel. You can easily picture their logo, fonts, and even the color schemes, right? Do you think this is a coincidence? Try imagining the logo of BMW or Audi next. These brands did not just stumble upon their identity, luckily. They have built it themselves. They have invested in excellent designs, creating the perfect logo with a color scheme that fits well and fonts that suit. 

But in spite of having a distinct identity, the brands blend in with the festive mood too. They update their logos, make their photos more vibrant, and celebrate the holiday with you, staying up to date with the trends. The seasonal logo also suggests that they are offering special offers for the season.

Studies have proven that we perceive different colors differently. Do you remember Van Gogh's Starry Night? You would still find people in love with the painting without knowing why. And it would surprise you that the color affects you the most apart from every other element that makes it so beautiful. As you study a bit more, you will understand that the "blue" calms down your senses, making you feel at peace. 

Most of us might not understand the psychology that goes behind these colors. 

Drive conversion and eventually ROI

You can improve your marketing efforts with your designs. As your content stands out and looks good, your consumers stop to take a glance at your offer before moving on. There you have your chance. The right designs help you influence people to convert, eventually attracting potential customers and improving the return on your investments. Studies prove that photos increase the empathy in people rather than just a random text.

While including photos of babies, women, and regular people help you engage better, even objects can help you build trust among your customers. You need to combine good designs with great strategy, relevant content, and an ideal call to action and increase the conversions on unique offers. 

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