Hire the Right Tech Team; What Should You Look for?

Published on:
April 12, 2022

"VCs favor companies that make use of tech to scale!" This statement is very well-known, often as a complaint. Even in the era of Shark Tank India, you know that the ones getting the offers were the ones backed by a solid tech stack. But why? Is that the right thing to do?

Building Tech Team
Building Tech Team

Why is a tech team so necessary for your business?

Information Technology

Do you want to build a great product and quickly scale it? If yes, you need to bring tools and processes together to exchange information and solve existing business problems. And tech can help you do that. Technology enables you to solve problems, disrupt inefficiencies, interact and exchange knowledge, and save time, money, and resources. 

What do you mean by "disrupting inefficiency"? This disruption includes diagnosing a problem and then understanding its existence. Let us elaborate on that with the help of an example. 

Earlier, humans used horses for traveling. We dreamt of a faster horse while technology introduced cars. It identified a gap and then launched a solution. Do you see us using horses primarily for transportation anymore? Of course not! Blockchain technology is one of the gifts technology brings to us throughout the 21st century.

So, technology is not just a way to save time by solving a problem. It also helps you to identify the problem. Your business needs tech to set its pace and to remain competitive within your respective verticals. Scalability is essential, and the "unique proposition" you are looking for needs one more team to get going.

Hire the right tech team; What should you look for in it?

target hiring
Target Hiring

There are different ways to get the perfect tech team. You can use the "hire slow, fire fast" way to hire the best in-house team and then get going. In case you do not have the money or resources, you can easily outsource the best one. So, I'm sure you are wondering, "What should I be looking for when I'm hiring?" I'm glad you asked.  

  • An outstanding balance between hard and soft skills:

Your tech team needs both tech expertise and business acumen. Does that mean your tech team would be building your business now? Of course not! The tech team should be able to understand what exactly your business needs. Once they set the tone, it would be easier for you to lay the roadmap.

  • The 360° solution:

When you hire or outsource a tech team, you need to understand that their expertise in multiple areas is the key to your growth. Your team should be able to look over every aspect. So, their knowledge of various programming languages is vital. Understand how they can take over your requirements and then lay the guide.

  • Good with designs:
UI/UX Design

It is not just about building a product. It is about creating something efficient and beautiful. If your product is not visually pleasing or easy to navigate, it can never satisfy your consumers. UX/UI skills are thus very vital. Your tech team needs to have a user-centric approach to build the perfect solution.

  • Flexibility: 

You need a team that can jump in anytime, no matter what stage of development you are currently in, right? Hire accordingly! If you want to outsource, look for a service that fits the layout. You need technology to stand out and to stand out; you need a great tech team that fits in.

  • Taking ownership:

Last but not least, the team should take ownership of their work. The point might seem simple, but you need to focus on business in the long term. From the previous experiences, if the team does not take ownership of tech fully, it would be tough for you to balance. So, get a team that builds, deploys, and manages all your applications while you get back to the other tasks these IT issues have been stealing time away from. We know how backed up a project can get when your tech is standing in the way.

Hire the best; MarsDevs got your back! 

Hiring can be a long, tedious, time-consuming process, and end up being more trouble than it is actually worth. Now is the time to work smart with easy access to experience and expertise. You sit back while MarsDevs builds the applications for you. With a team of dedicated developers, MarsDevs focus on providing value through premium code quality. And the best part? It is cost-efficient, active, and by far the best!

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