Gain a Competitive Advantage with a Mobile Application and MarsDevs

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June 1, 2022

Say you own a shop. You sell magazines and are famous as one of the best in the area. Now, suddenly your consumer's behavior changes. While they came to you for the most fantastic magazines before, many of them come enquiring about the latest comic books and leave when you fail to serve them. 

The behavior confuses you, and you research why their requirements suddenly changed. You find out about a new trend, and that comic books are taking over the world. What would you do? 

The anecdote might sound like the one from the 50s but let us present you with some questions before you start judging it. Now that you know about the trend and the shaky future of the magazines, what would your next step be? Would you stick to being the best in magazines or shift to being the trendiest store? How would you make sure no one misses out? Would the shift give you a competitive advantage?

Mobile app development process

From magazines, let us come to the content creation scene now. There's a saying, "Consumers drive content." It simply explains that you do not need to look for content when you create it. It would help if you studied the user's behavior and needs. But what if you fail to do that? What if your competitors leave you behind with their research and relevant content?

So, in this blog, MarsDevs takes a deeper into the world of mobile applications and how it can help you understand consumer behavior better. It also explains how understanding what your users want and what they are motivated about can get you a competitive advantage. 

Should you invest in the mobile application now?

Invest on mobile app development
Invest on mobile app development

This question has a direct question linked to it. Do you want to remain relevant? If the answer is yes, the next step is to understand how necessary it is to have a mobile presence nowadays. We are experiencing a massive increase in the number of applications and the variation in experiences they provide. And if you are still thinking of the development cost, MarsDevs can take care of that before diving into the mobile app development market.

While around 69.4% of the internet has already shifted to mobile shopping apps, about 54.8% of web traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices. In 2023, studies have estimated that mobile apps would generate a revenue of 935$ billion through paid downloads and in-app advertising. While gaming apps top the chart, education and business stand in the second position dominating it. 

Do you want to know why the success rate is so clear? When you send push notifications, records reveal that you achieve about 18% higher day-one retention. In addition, as you look forward to day 14th, the retention may even touch 62%. With the increase in awareness around the importance of mobile applications, downloads of business apps also experienced a spike of around 90% globally in the year 2020.

Gain a competitive advantage with a personalized mobile application.

Popular mobile apps
Popular mobile apps

We have to agree on the popularity of mobile apps now. Go to the play store and explore a bit. You have an app for everything now. With hundreds and thousands of gaming apps taking over the app stores, business apps do not want to be left behind. 

But why? Why are businesses and their consumers so excited about the idea of an application? How is a mobile app different from a compelling website? 

  • Apps assure an increased rate of engagement with the customers.
Engage with new mobile apps
Engage with new mobile apps

Mobile apps keep your customers engaged with your brand. Now, that is a bold claim to make. How does an app do that? Let us dive deeper.

There are several unique features that only an application can offer. Apps prompt both the current customers and the potential ones to engage with your business. They act as the timely reminders that pull your customer back to your brand after a short break. 

In an app, every information is more readily available at the fingertips. So, it is easier for a user to browse, shop, and interact with your business. Now think about the website. They need to open google, type your brand's name, go to the website, and their journey did not even start yet. The features that your brand offers are now in the palm of your hand. And your customers are directly proportional to the number of users interacting with your application. 

  • Users are now aware of your brand. Here's the perfect time for you to encourage brand loyalty.
UI/UX for apps
UI/UX for apps

If you want to foster brand loyalty, you need to direct or genuine connection with the users. But, what establishes that trust? It starts with user experience. The user experience of an application decides how much you value your users and their requirements. The UX and UI are the essential elements that tie your brand's loyalty to your app. 

As you enhance the accessibility of the products and services, you can increase customer loyalty organically. Who does not want a reward? Mobile apps reward your users with continuous service and add value to your relationship. 

Personalization is a great way to go, and thus, when you develop a mobile app, personalizing the experience for your users should be the way to go. However, in case you have MarsDevs helping you out, we take care of what is best so you can focus on the rest.

  • Capturing customer insights gives you the reward of increased revenue.
Consumer insights in an app
Consumer insights in an app

The only way to grow is through the short feedback loop. Most YouTubers post three or more videos a week. When they do that, they get faster feedback. This feedback helps them understand what they lack and how to get better. And they grow faster. Mobile applications decrease the turnaround time for your feedback loop. Thus, capturing the users' insights get easier. You can collect the data, analyze it, and then leverage it. 

This helps you serve more customers. Also, it allows your brand to earn additional income and increase its revenue. As the purchasing process gets more convenient and straightforward, the positive impact on customer experience impacts sales directly. Many businesses experience exponential growth within days of launching an app. 

The number of smartphone users is growing. Consumer behavior keeps evolving as well. So, every business would soon be expected to own an app. It helps you stay relevant while establishing a solid brand presence in the industry. 

As a brand, you can provide interactive and aesthetic appeal to the users and stand out from the crowd. Have your competitors invested in a mobile application? If not, they would do that soon as a part of their business strategy. It is time to start with your ideation and work on it. Afterall, when you leave out innovation, you are left behind with time. 

Build an innovative mobile application for your brand and outgrow the best with MarsDevs.

The mobile application development process is complicated. It would be best if you had a team of developers for the job. Again, we understand how tiring it is to balance business and hiring. You even have to hire and fire to decide on a perfect team. But, it is the age of digitization, and every problem has a quick and easy solution. MarsDevs makes it affordable too. 

Why invest time in hiring when we can chip in anytime you want? MarsDevs takes care of all your development needs while you focus on business. Your applications stand out with excellent UIs, which is just the start. So, let's connect over virtual coffee. While we share our expertise, you explain your requirements.

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