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August 17, 2022

When have you not seamlessly checked out without thinking twice about the item's necessity? You get your favorite pair of jeans just with a click, a lovely new bracelet, or even a customized gift shipped directly delivered to your doorstep with a push of a few buttons and scrolls. Isn't the process super simple? It might seem so.

Sometimes, there's more to the story. So, in this blog, MarsDevs illustrates how you can develop an excellent eCommerce site and how we can help you in this journey.

Develop an excellent eCommerce site for your startup with these steps and MarsDevs:

Ecommerce shop
Ecommerce shop

Say you do not have any experience with any e-commerce store. How can you build one from scratch? Building an eCommerce site is a time-consuming and detailed process. When you look at any eCommerce site, you never think someone has to craft content and load every product individually. 

Here is a list of all the steps that you need to take to get started and successfully build your eCommerce site:

  • Research, get your homework done, and find your niche.
Ecommerce niche
Ecommerce niche

Here is the most basic first step in learning how you can start an eCommerce business. You need to start with the necessary research. If you were starting a sushi restaurant and needed to look into different locations and themes, wouldn't you check the various sites and their possibilities first? 

So when you plan on an eCommerce brand, investigate the area you're interested in or the ones that will affect you and make decisions concerning your business.

Here are some questions that will help you start: 

  1. What exactly is your business going to offer?
  2. Will you be selling products, services, or fit both? 
  3. If you're selling products, will these be physical or digital? 
  4. Who can help you source your products? 

Once you answer these questions, ideate on the business you would employ— now, are you going to offer single products, subscriptions, or packages?

  • Purchase a relevant and catchy domain name. 
Catchy domain name
Catchy domain name

The first step is pretty straightforward. You just need to come across a domain name that fits perfectly with your brand's identity. You can purchase a site in seconds from sites like GoDaddy to Google Domains

  • Find a web development service.
Web development team
Web development team

Who would build your site? You need to hire an excellent tech assistance if you want to launch your site in a relatively short period and with a professional approach:

  1. Please do your research right when hiring a developer or a development team. Remember, you need someone to manage your site as well.
  2. Make sure they are experts in the field before looking at the budget. Affordable solutions can promise excellent services too.
  3. Make a roadmap to know exactly what you need to launch the site. Make sure you are on the same road.
  4. Make sure they can take care of the UiUx part too.

Entrepreneurs often start working with a developer without completing their due diligence in terms of research and then realize that they need a great team to start. Experts can help you skip silly mistakes and make the process simpler. MarsDevs can develop and maintain your site while you focus on your business. Let us know about your requirements now.

MarDevs Tips: Start an e-commerce business now

Click to buy 
Click to buy 

When you launch a new business, it often feels overwhelming. It is because of the uncertainty and the "you never know" situation. Being a part of an online selling community, you will have access to various entrepreneurs and business owners who will be willing to offer their tips. These tricks can help you start as well. 

We present to you the trick to the success of Roxanne King, the owner of the brand The Holistic Mama:

  • Start simple with a roadmap.
Product roadmap
Product roadmap

In 2011, King, a prolific healthy living blogger, created and refined her natural skincare products at home. It was a simple idea and wasn't significant until years later when she transitioned from just gifting out her homemade cleansers to selling them in the farmer's markets and online. This was how she started an e-commerce business.

"It was hardly a marketplace when I started. It was a page that I presented on my blog. I named the blog 'Store' and sold a few products once a month," King said. "I just added a button in the blog so the people could pay with PayPal only. I got that using PayPal's site and copy-pasted it onto my blog." 

It was this simple. Now, the time has changed. Every other site is an eCommerce site. You need to invest more in the area and technology. You also need to make the navigation. But you can keep it simple when you start. 

  • Share your business across multiple online channels.
Social media channels
Social media channels

King credited her "accidental" blog two years before she opened her store. Her blog helped jumpstart her business, and she recommends other business people to try the same. While the journey is different, you can try various tricks that help successful people win big.

She already had so many followers for the blog that customers could already trust her when she offered a product, even for the first time.

So, sharing your business or brand across other media channels can be instrumental, especially when you're just starting your operation. These early marketing strategies are almost free. You can use these channels to drop hints and build excitement about upcoming launches and product reveals.

  • Invest in the "sell across channels" strategy.

Unlike her expanded store sites, holistic Mama products are now popular at Whole Foods. You can also find some of her creations on Amazon as a third-party seller. As a small business owner, you might also have your own site, but do not forget to sell on Amazon. While some would look at them as a competitor, make sure you make them your partner for the journey.

Look forward to the best development team

You are new to it. We understand. Just a blog can not help you understand the market and work on getting better. Hiring a team is challenging, and you can not afford to lose more time and money on hiring and firing to find the best team. So, we are here to help you out.

MarsDevs presents you with the best development team to help you with every tech issue, from conceptualization to development, development to deployment. MarsDevs can chip in anytime you want. You need technology to stand out from the crowd and engage with your customers better. And we know how to crack the code.

So, it is time to collaborate and look forward to premium quality coding and excellent UIs that stand out. Let us get a cup of coffee and discuss what next. Share your requirements as we share our expertise. It's time to revolutionize the industry together.

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