Designs in Holiday Marketing

Published on:
September 28, 2022

The holidays are almost here. We have practically emptied our pockets with the pujas knocking on our doors. But while we are sometimes not in a place to buy or take a step forward towards the businesses, it is about new beginnings too. Diwali brings hope to us and opportunities to businesses to step up. We are ready to add value to our lives, and a great marketing plan can create a story that works.

While everyone is talking about the virtues of content for marketing, many miss out on the significance of design. After a long day, when you sit to take a look at the insights, you mostly get busy worrying about the ROIs and revenue ls. You forget about one of the essential tools to get there, the designs. 

The results from the marketing efforts can offer you traction for the efficiency of a strategy, but the aesthetic elements are the road to that win. So, your focus should not be limited to the quick wins.

With globalization bringing in new opportunities, holidays never end. After the pujas, you get ready for the Christmas, Holi, while Ramadan comes in right behind making you look for a better strategy. To strike when the iron is hot, you need to keep updating your plan, updating your designs and vibe of the festivities. Designs add to the spark, and this article by MarsDevs will help you know how to get that for your brand

Importance of designs in Holiday Marketing

Apart from attracting attention to your activities and campaigns, good designs help you enhance the quality of your messaging. Designs can influence your brand's voice, which is a big deal. Let us look at the examples to understand better.

What do you see when you look at the social media template above? The first feature is consistency in the look and feel. You just need a glance to figure out this is an Instagram feed or a specific account and not just a group of photos. In addition, the messaging is direct and concise too.

Establishing your brand's identity

For a moment, let us try to think of the best brands you associate with; for example, consider Chanel. You can easily picture their logo, fonts, and even the color schemes, right? Do you think this is a coincidence? Try imagining the logo of BMW or Audi next. These brands did not just stumble upon their identity, luckily. They have built it themselves. They have invested in excellent designs, creating the perfect logo with a color scheme that fits well and fonts that suit. But in spite of having a distinct identity, the brands blend in with the festive mood to greet the holidays. They update their logo logos, make their photos more vibrant, and celebrate the holiday with you, staying up to date with the trends. The seasonal logo also suggests that they are offering special offers for the season.

Studies have proven that we perceive different colors differently. Do you remember Van Gogh's Starry Night? You would still find people in love with the painting without knowing why. And it would surprise you that the color affects you the most apart from every other element that makes it so beautiful. As you study a bit more, you will understand that the "blue" calms down your senses, making you feel at peace. 

Most of us might not understand the psychology that goes behind these colors. 

Drive conversion and eventually ROI

You can improve your marketing efforts with your designs. As your content stands out and looks good, your consumers stop to take a glance at your offer before moving on. There you have your chance. The right designs help you influence people to convert, eventually attracting potential customers and improving the return on your investments. Studies prove that photos increase the empathy in people rather than just a random text.

While including photos of babies, women, and regular people help you engage better, even the objects can help you build trust among your customers. You need to combine good designs with great strategy, relevant content, and an ideal call to action and increase the conversions on unique offers. 

Make your campaigns visible

Every single brand wants attention online. You are competing with one of the best players and in order to stand out, you need to claim a place of your own by using intelligent strategies. Especially when every brand is posting holiday-based content, excellent designs and attractive videos help you gain eyeballs and attention from the audience. 

Our attention span is decreasing. We scan through the content to grasp all the information as soon as possible. So, making a design too dense with unimportant elements might make you lose focus, distracting your customers from converting. Designers can easily visualize the way to catch the attention they require and create the campaigns that way. 

Holiday Marketing Design Ideas 

Before you set new design goals for your brand, you need to note down specific points that would help you get the best out of these investments. You should take your time with your design decisions because you get back what you pay for. And remember what Steve Jobs had to say about a great design, “ is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Add festive colors to your social media content 

Social media is of vital importance every time we talk about marketing. Do you buy from thrift stores? As you scroll through your Insta feed, you will come across people who are selling second-hand clothes. Often, these are meant to raise funds for charity. But with the first wave of pandemics limiting our social life, many young boys and girls opened up these thrift stores, and many of them became pretty famous. Most of them started on social media, some of them stayed on social media too. So, these channels are a great medium to reach your customers, connect with them and build relationships.

When you create content for your consumers, no matter which platform you go to, you need to design it in a way that matches their mood. During the festivals, most of your customers are happy. They are carefree, taking a break and scrolling through social media to kill time. This is a great time to connect with your customers. You can create vibrant posts by adding festive colors that match their holiday mood and posts they can relate to. If it's Holi, post something with flying colors; the Diwali posts deserve some lights.

Add a card with your product, an e-card with the online services 

Personalization is a great way to people's hearts. So last week, one of our friends brought some crystals from an online vendor.  With a great discount on their first order, they got it delivered correctly, and the process was smooth. The buyer was satisfied. 

Then, they get an email with a personalized, thoughtful message. These messages build connections. While you could have moved on and never looked back again, these messages would bring you back to the store every time you think about crystals.

Festivals are a great time to build relationships. People are easy-going with less burden of work. You need to grab the chance. By adding a note or message with your products or an ecard with your consumers' services, you can build a loyal community. Eventually, you can streamline the process by using webinars, social media channels, or even Youtube videos and podcasts to connect further.

Experiment with funky designs and fonts for your next newsletter

Has this ever happened to you before? You are working for long hours and need help with marketing. It is costing you extra hours. And suddenly you get a mail. As you check, you come across a newsletter with excellent copies and offers. You forget why you did not get a marketing agency before and click the link to register now. And after an hour, you sit and think why you did that when you were supposed to prepare a strategy yourself. Newsletters are essential, and you know it.

During festivals, people are more carefree about everything, including purchasing items or services that they never had before. They are more open to experimenting, and it is an excellent chance for small businesses to reach new customers and increase sales. 

You also need to strategize a plan and decide on the design. You need to answer three questions; how do you capture their attention, what would make them stay, why should they convert. Note down the answers and get the design brief ready. 

Introduce Vintage designs to your package while you give away a product

Vintage-inspired designs evoke nostalgia. It is everywhere. For ages, we have been inspired by trends from the previous eras and using them to shape how we perceive fashion and design. Look at the fashion trends around you. 

The vintage designs are so popular because they all belong to the history of every one of us, which is emotional. There’s a stark difference between a vintage and a retro style. In comparison, Vintage points at the actual designs from the past. Retro is about the modern designs inspired from before. But why should you use vintage designs? Holidays make us go back in time all over again. 

Some of us even get stuck with work and fail to visit our dear ones. When with family, we miss friends. Most of us are already emotional, and the vintage design rekindles the nostalgia. When consumers are already familiar with a specific technique, they look back to their shared relationship, and it is easier for them to capitalize on your relationship now. 

There are different types of vintage designs. These include:

  • Art Deco
  • Art Nouveau
  • Letterpress
  • Vintage Badges
  • Punk
  • Mid-century modern
  • Atomic Age
  • Steampunk
  • Vapor Wave
  • Swiss Style 

Make use of Infographic content 

Let us go back to the crystal store. Scrolling through the Instagram feed, the buyer comes across a beautiful post that offers a 30% discount on any crystal we buy. With the offer, the store also mentioned the properties of the crystals. 

The buyer had no idea about the crystal, but the information added to the content helped them understand why they must get it, which led to the conversion. That infographic post thus influenced the buyer's decision to get the crystal finally.

Let us take a step back. What does infographic content mean? It is simply a visual representation of data and information with the help of a chart or diagram. You can design it your way. 

Your design should capture your customers' attention, the offers should make them stay, and the information you add should be able to positively influence their decision to convert. It sounds simple, but you need to be careful that your content does not get overcrowded and lose focus. 

Some infographic ideas for your holiday campaign:

  • Design a 360° holiday-themed video. Let your customers know what new you are doing, when, and how.
  • Post some holiday gift ideas and make connections with your consumers. 
  • You can inspire with an important piece of information on charity streams that brands are taking part in.

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