Design Tips to Increase Engagement on Your Website

Published on:
May 20, 2022

How important are good designs for you? Do you know some people choose iPhones because of the appealing UIs? Yes. It is not always for clicking mirror selfies. But, let's get back to designs.

A good design always goes a long way. It makes sure your website, brand, or app grabs the users' attention and makes them stay. So, in this blog, MarsDevs discusses why good designs are essential. We also shared some design tips for us to follow. 

And as Dr. Ralf Speth, the CEO of Jaguar, quotes, "If you think good design is expensive, you need to look at the cost of a bad design."

Why are designs such an important part of your website and overall brand?

Good website design
Good website design

Often during our night outs, we decide to dine at a great restaurant. In good restaurants, you would always have great food, and what blows our minds is the presentation. Did you notice how beautifully they present the dish? Why do you think they do so? Because they know that we taste with your eyes even before we touch the food. Presentation is very important and the presenter already knows that. 

"Perception is reality. If you are perceived to be something, you might as well be it because that's the truth in people's minds." 

-Stever Young.

Designs influence feelings
Designs influence feelings

And as Steve Jobs states, design is not just what it looks or feels like; the design is how it works. Do you remember how Apple claimed its place? Everything was already available in the market. Apple just redesigned it, making it simple and compact. And our brain always prefers simple; no wonder Apple is such a big name now.

After working on your brand’s profile, you need to shift your focus on the designs. Start with your website itself. When you get a good development team, make sure they take care of your UI as well. We can write paragraphs but we know how hard it is to hire the right fit. And if you go along with the developers with a sense in designing, you would never be able to start at all.

You have a friend in us in that case. Team MarsDevs guarantee you a great UI with premium quality coding. When you navigate an app with meaningful animations guiding the user, a well balanced colour scheme and confident typography, you win the game. These are all traits of successful and revenue generating apps. So, let us discuss possibilities next

Focus on designs to increase engagement on your website.

Ui designs
Ui designs
  • Gain popularity through Minimalistic web designs

Think of the time you spent on a website that does not have a good look and feel. You would just check it out and leave. Right? So, to even get a chance and stand out, you need to focus heavily on your website's design. It should be clean, soothing, and yet attention-grabbing. Can minimalism do that for you?

And when it is about content, less is more. The trend is newer, but a minimalistic web design works well every time. A minimalistic design is clean, uncluttered, simple, reductive, and monochromatic. With a resolved minimalistic approach, you can not deny how serene and beautiful your design looks. It does its job without confusing you in any way. Achieving a relaxed minimalistic look for your website is challenging but fun. 

  • Send over a funky newsletter

How often do you call your friend to ask about their whereabouts? Are you the one who keeps listening, or do you talk? Well, it is good to get in touch often. But, getting back to your email marketing campaigns, you already know how newsletters help you level up your game, right? They allow you to stay in touch with your audiences. And in this case, you do the talking for your brand. 

A good newsletter is essential.

  1. You can share information about your new products personally through newsletters.
  2. You should share your blogs that can add value to your customers. You can do that through newsletters.
  3. You can send out an employee newsletter to get better with the internal communication.
  4. You can use it for hiring or recruiting.

But how can you keep your customers engaged with the newsletter you send? Why should they open it? You would be speaking to your audience, but you also need to talk about your products or services. There are several topics you can include in your newsletter. 

Some of them are:

  1. Blog posts
  2. How-guides
  3. Contents based on behind the scenes
  4. News about the industry
  5. A "thank you" mail
  6. Product Announcements
  7. A survey
  8. Customer stories or testimonials.

Did you know email marketing is 40× more effective in customer acquisition when compared to Facebook and Twitter combined? You already know it's essential and have some content ideas; what about the designs? For 2021, Zomato wins the game. Check the newsletter below to understand why we like it so much. It seems personal, and you feel emotional. Their newsletters are quirky with a CTA, and in case you were contemplating if you want to order tonight. You are at the end game. 

Be a child again
Be a child again

The look and feel depend on the purpose too. If you send out a business newsletter, it would not be some fun and quirky design telling an emotional story. It should be easy to read, well-articulated, and clean. So, you need to adapt to the topic and design it your way. 

  • Stand out with unique Social Media content designs

Whenever we come across a new brand, we take some time to dive into their social media and check out the profile. And within seconds, we know if we will hit the follow button or just exit. 

There are two questions we ask ourselves, 

  1. Is the content visually appealing?
  2. Am I interested in what they post?

How would you decide if your designs would attract users? We consider planning and creating visual content on different platforms when we talk about social media design. When you invest in designs for your social media, you build recognition for your brand and put out content that resonates with your target audience. The content should be vibrant, informative, and relevant.

  • Video Advertising is the way to engagement
Video advertising and short videos booming
Video advertising and short videos booming

Traditionally, we used to advertise on cable TV. Then, we have transformed and moved on to digital ads. Brands are increasing their video ads budget and leveraging modern channels than traditional ones. Video ads present information by enhanced targeting and personalization, just in the format your users prefer. According to Hubspot research, more than 50% of customers prefer to see catchy video ads from brands and not any other type of content. 

Video ads leverage movement and sound to catch a customer's attention. Brands can use both to convey the message to their consumers, leading to better engagement.  A tailored message told through an engaging video makes more sense to our decreasing attention spans. 

Also, researchers suggest that users remember 95% of the messages when they watch it than when they read. Apart from being engaging, video ads are easily shareable and have a higher click-through rate. Smaato conducted research and revealed that the average CTR of a video ad is 7.5 times higher than that of a display ad. 

Create a compelling website with MarsDevs

MarsDevs is a one-stop development shop that equips you with every need, including development and designs. The team takes care of your UI and helps you create a website that converts. With premium-quality coding, MarsDevs can chip in anytime you want. 

And as we are already friends, there is no need for that extra time for introduction as well. So, let us connect and discuss your requirements while we explain our expertise. So, why wait? Let's hang out now.

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