Design 101: The Best And Worst Logo Redesigns We've Ever Seen

Published on:
August 26, 2022

Brands evolve with time. So do their images and how you perceive them. Thus, you need to keep upgrading and innovating. Redesigning your logo is getting a way ahead with the game. Let's find out how.

Designs play a very crucial role in establishing your brand's identity. The logo is the most recognizable brand identifier at 75%, followed by your brand's visual style at 60%, brand color at 45%, and unique proposition at around 25%. According to studies, about 50% of customers patronize a brand based on its logo. 

In this blog, MarsDevs presents an in-depth understanding of logo redesigning and examples of brands that are doing it right.

Logo redesign
Logo redesign

Your brand grows through different design trends, consumer behaviors, and upgrading technology. With your brand, your consumers evolve too. While your logo felt relatable to them at one point, over time, your logo's ability to convey your values is put at risk. So, you may need to upgrade your brand's identity. 

One of the ways to do that is by redesigning your logo. That is challenging, too, as many brands stick to familiarity, and many others experiment with new trends. While simplicity is primarily the way to go, what should you do? With several brands failing in their efforts to rebrand, it is wise to sketch out a plan first.

When can redesigning a logo improve the brand's visual identity?

logo improve the brand's

The world is changing, and so are the design trends. While people were obsessing over minimalism, maximalism is one of the latest trends. As the trends change, sometimes it is hard to keep up, and your logo might look outdated after a point. There are several reasons why your logo might need a redesign. 

MarsDevs lists down some of the most vital ones.

  • You change the philosophy. 
    Your business, its mission, vision, and core values decide everything. That includes how your logo, website's design, or even Instagram feed looks. If you are reworking and shifting your brand's philosophy, you must reevaluate the brand identity and redesign the logo.
Adidas logo
Adidas logo
  • You reposition your business.
Dominos logo
Dominos logo

When you start a business, you design it to connect to a particular set of consumers. Your target customers decide how you want them to perceive your brand. Suppose you change your business to target different customers, and your portfolio changes. Now your brand follows, and you need to change the logo.

  • The logo looks outdated.
Slack logo 
Slack logo 

The only thing constant around us is change. Every day new trends are surfacing, and it is not easy to keep up. After a point, you need to upgrade. Redesigning your logo is the first and most crucial step to consider.

MarsDevs Tips: Craft the perfect logo

  1. Know your customers and what they want, the company's purpose, mission, vision, and value statement. Choose colors that fit your brand's personality. 
  2. Make a basic sketch of your logo first. Visualize without the colors and then pick the right tone.
  3. Find the approximate symbol. Your logo should reflect your brand's ideas. 
  4. Try to be unique. Play around with fonts. 
  5. Try abstract. For instance, when you look at the logo of Penguin. It does not tell what the brand does and still fits right. 
  6. Start with black and white. It will help you be suitable, irrespective of the color palette you choose. 
  7. Get help from professionals. 

Examples of great logo redesigns.

Meta (Formerly known as Facebook)
Meta revamp
Meta revamp

Formerly known as Facebook, Meta made a mighty comeback with a significant rebrand. It might not be the best, but unquestionably powerful. 

Meta implanted a swift tectonic shift in all of our social networking landscape with its new brand identity. The word "meta" directly connects its audience with its new purpose, the "metaverse." There is no mystery involved, and it sounds bland. However, the infinite symbol is a definite upgrade from the old "Facebook" text, and the new name never fails to catch our eyes. 

The name goes well with the symbol,, and together, they form a logo that conveys the brand’s message clearly. Meta rebranded because it shifted its purpose. It took a bold step towards accepting and colonizing the metaverse concept. While the metaverse is still not built, Zuckerberg took a very subtle step.

MarsDevs Tip: 
If you do not have a lot of elements in your new logo that will be familiar to your target audience, keep it simple and easy to grasp. The more complex you make it, the harder it is to understand. 


Renault revamp
Renault revamp

We all remember the old logo of Renault. It was simple, innovative, and memorable. We could spot the logo and know the brand. The challenge starts when your logo is already a fan favorite, and you need to improve it.

Renault took the bet and worked on the logo to make it simpler. They used geometric shapes to symbolize the car's wheels on the road. The old logo lacked movement, and they fixed it with rebranding. Using the double lines, they created a unique depth.

This imagery gives the symbol a sense of direction and continuity. Though it seems subtle, we all would agree that it is effective. And that the new logo is a success.

MarsDevs Tip:

  1. Do not forget about the negative space. 
  2. Create depth in the logo, even with a flat design. 


Udemy revamp
Udemy revamp

Udemy redesigned its logo in 2021. They describe their new logo as being pointed upwards. According to the brand, whether you seek or share knowledge, knowledge lifts you. The new logo has an upward movement with the arrow. 

The arrow is the universal symbol of growth, and the logo reciprocates the message in the best possible way. The redesigned logo teaches us:

  1. Vintage styles continue to be the trend.
  2. Brands are moving towards simplicity.
  3. Logos are getting more accessible, dropping off the containers.

MarsDevs Tips: 
Keep a focus on the purpose of your branding. For instance, Starbucks focused on responsibility and globalization.


Upwork revamp
Upwork revamp

Upwork joined the big brands by designing its logo in 2021. It was more refreshing. Can you spot the difference? Upwork taught us that the redesigned logo need not be totally different from being unique and successful.

The green in the logo unifies the thought and uplifts Upworks' ambition to let people perceive their brand name as a verb. Now, the redesign positions the brand under the same umbrella as Uber. The new logo also looks simple yet better.

MarsDevs Tips:

  1. Choose the typography based on the emotion you want to deliver. Say you are a fashion brand. Play around with exciting fonts like Frutiger Sans Serif. 
  2. If you want to play safe, use both text and symbol. It is easy to update later. 
  3. Do not rebrand without reason. 


Volvo logo redesign
Volvo logo redesign

In 2021, the Swedish car brand went public. While that was still on the news, they updated their brand and logo. Even to their old iron mark, they took a minimalistic approach and made it two shapes. We all know the logo and the simplicity now is more appealing. 

The new logo is a much-needed addition to the digital vintage trend. We have seen this trend everywhere, and it is unsurprising that Volvo went for it. The update was a success, and we applaud them for improving it.

MarsDevs Tips:

  1. Get uncomplicated and minimal with each upgrade. 
  2. Keep familiarity so it does not surprise your audience a lot. A drastic measure can create problems.
  3. With each upgrade, experiment with colors a bit more.

Examples of logo designs that failed


Gap redesign
Gap redesign

Gap redesigned the logo back in 2010. The design did not work well, and the reaction was swift. The brand wanted to experiment and did not have a solid reason to do that. 

The design welcomed criticism and did not restrict just the design. The reaction was so univocal that Gap stepped forward, asking the public to share their individual designs. This step sparked speculation. 

But why did the design not work out? The logo used a gradient square. It was gratuitous, like that of an asterisk mark at the end of a word. Also, it did not have a footnote. 

The second problem was the typeface choice. It was bland and failed to grab eyeballs. Gap stands for sophistication, and the new logo could not hold that well.


Yahoo redesign
Yahoo redesign

The new CEO of Yahoo introduced the new logo. While the old logo might seem childish, we all loved the quirkiness. But what is wrong with the new logo? The world is waking up to the value of minimalism. 

The design team of Yahoo has tweaked the Letterform. And, it does not look good. Half of the logo seems heavier than the other half. Well, the once well-known internet giant is now in chaos.


Pepsi redesign
Pepsi redesign

Pepsi rebranded its logo back in 2008. They wanted to rotate the circular icon and incorporate a cheeky smile. It cost around 1million$ and is an example of how redesigning can go wrong. 

The first problem is easy to spot. While it is supposed to look like a smile, we can not spot that. However, the team linked the logo with:

  • Hinduism
  • Mona Lisa
  • Radiation from the sun

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