Custom Software Development: Debunking the Myths and Unveiling the ROI

Published on:
April 19, 2024

Having the right software that meets your business objectives is a boon in this technologically expanding day. Custom software development services make it feasible for you! However, due to various misunderstandings, some business owners choose not to invest in bespoke software.

So, what are the myths surrounding custom software development? These antiquated ideas are misguiding managers and leaders. Did you know bespoke software development market share will be $38.15 billion by 2026? This suggests that the spike will occur at a CAGR of 8.5%. Hence, all of the myths are absurd!

Nowadays, businesses actively seek out and use the benefits of bespoke software. So, what's stopping you? In this MarsDevs article, let's look at the advantages of bespoke software creation & some common myths.

Debunking Myths - 7 Most Important Ones

In a rapidly expanding industry, having appropriate software that meets your business needs is a boon. Custom software development makes this feasible for you. So, let’s debunk the myths.

1. Off The Shelf Is Just As Good

Off The Shelf Is Just As Good

When it comes to customized software myths, one of the most common is the assumption that because off-the-shelf software is more widely commercialized, it can do the same—if not better—job than custom software. Yes, many off-the-shelf software platforms may readily satisfy consumer expectations. 

It all depends on what you're searching for and how you intend to utilize the software you have purchased. For example, if you want to incorporate an internal social messaging system that only your employees can access, off-the-shelf software like Salesforce Chatter/Slack (the latest massive hitter in workplace messaging software) will likely do. 

If, on the other hand, you want to create an internal "social ecosystem" that gives you a place to park your company's digital identity by assisting you in connecting and analyzing the various social networks that keep you connected to other businesses and non-profits (not to mention allowing for the benefit of employee collaboration), then custom software is probably the best option.

As developers say, “The reality is that if you're searching for software to assist in supplementing your mission-critical social networks & bring them together in one place to benefit your whole team, there is no "one size fits all" solution since each organization and its social demands are unique.”

2. Custom Software Is Expensive

One common misconception is that specialized healthcare software development is expensive and time-consuming. Traditional bespoke development projects, based on previous experiences, may have been delayed or surpassed budgeted assumptions. 

While customized software development requires initial money, it’s vital to recognize that this expense is for a specialized solution built to meet unique healthcare issues. Also, agile development ways & pre-existing frameworks may drastically reduce development time, reducing delays.

3. Only Large Businesses Benefit From It

Only Large Businesses Benefit From It

Another common misconception is that it is reserved for massive corporations with significant expenditures. While larger companies may have more resources to invest in bespoke software, smaller firms may still profit from it. It can be adjusted to a company's individual needs, allowing smaller firms to invest in software that suits their unique requirements and keeps them competitive. 

Working with an experienced development team may help smaller firms maximize their IT investments and achieve their objectives.

4. Too Many Bugs

Honestly, this can be an issue when installing bespoke software (or any off-the-shelf software), but it is not because your program is untested—it is because the firm from which you are obtaining your custom software is untested. 

Any excellent bespoke software developer will construct the program you require in a stage-by-stage method, allowing all potential flaws to be discovered before release. Several reputable custom software providers have a proven track record of successful product delivery. 

It's also worth noting that every piece of software on the market contains bugs. Hence, various top commercial suppliers provide updates every 2-4 years. Bugs in software are unavoidable from time to time, regardless of the path taken.

If you do hire a custom software developer to meet your company's demands, any credible provider will do many rounds of internal testing & user acceptability testing to ensure that your product is ready for usage.

5. They Are Less Secure

When utilizing business apps, security is a primary concern. Off-the-shelf software is more widely incorporated in the mass market. As a result, they receive a lot of attention from hackers. If they identify a flaw in the programming, you will lose all of your users and critical information. 

However, it’s different with bespoke software. It attracts less attention from hackers and becomes a safer option. However, it’s vital to understand that several security procedures should be followed throughout and after creation. 

As experts depict, “We have come across firms rejecting the idea of software development because they are reluctant to reveal intellectual property secrets with outsourcing providers. You must know that there are specific restrictions in place & security measures.” You must ensure - the custom software development firm is ready to sign the NDA and follows all best practices!

6. Custom Software Development Is Risky

It carries considerable risk, as does any technological investment. However, partnering with an experienced development team may assist organizations in managing that risk and ensuring that their software fulfills their requirements and expectations.

One strategy to reduce risk is to deal with a provider with a track record of delivering high-quality software solutions. Furthermore, organizations may employ agile development approaches to create their software more iteratively and incrementally, allowing them to make modifications as needed.

7. You Should Be Tech-Savvy 

Finally, another widespread misconception that prevents firms from embracing bespoke software development is that significant technical skill is necessary. Many non-technical entrepreneurs are inhibited from pursuing the revolutionary possibilities of bespoke software. 

In truth, current software solutions are user-friendly and intuitively designed, making them accessible to people with diverse technical expertise. Modern software development focuses on user experience, ensuring that interfaces are straightforward and functionality is accessible to users with various skill sets.

Myth vs Reality - How does custom software development drive ROI?

There are several myths about bespoke software development, but organizations can benefit from this investment if they handle it correctly. Working with an experienced development team and concentrating on the business's unique requirements can assist in ensuring success.

It may help firms automate procedures, decrease mistakes, and increase productivity, which can result in long-term cost benefits. Custom software can be adapted to a company's unique requirements, resulting in a more efficient and effective solution than off-the-shelf software.

While there is some risk, businesses may mitigate it by collaborating with an experienced partner and using agile approaches to create software iteratively and incrementally. Overall, organizations should not be discouraged by misconceptions about bespoke software development. 

Instead, companies should look for a chance to enhance their operations, increase efficiency, and remain competitive.

Myth vs Reality - How does custom software development drive ROI?

Wrapping Up

Debunking these seven myths about custom software development is critical to realizing its potential. Customization is not limited to huge businesses and may be used even without technological knowledge. 

To summarize, custom software is a more economical, time-efficient & maintainable option than most people realize. It’s accessible to enterprises of all sizes and offers versatility, scalability & dependability. 

By dispelling these mists, we aim to inspire more firms to explore the genuine possibilities of custom software & accelerate their development and success. Want to invest in custom software development? Contact us at MarsDevs & we will assist you with your first custom software!


  1. What is custom-made software?

Tailored software, often called bespoke or custom-made software, is software that is developed specifically for a specific company or individual.

  1. Why custom software is needed for the hour?

The massive advantage of bespoke software development services is flexibility. As a business owner, you can modify personalized software at any moment. Scalability is another attribute identified as a requirement in your fundamental project scope.

  1. Are custom and customized software different?

Custom software development is done expressly for the firm. It was specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the company's operations and processes. Customized software is created by making numerous changes to previously established software and implementing them in the future.

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