Custom App Development is Essential; Here are 5 Reasons Why

Published on:
May 18, 2022

Is mobile app development just a requirement? The extra effort in its management can be a hassle too. Then, why are customized mobile apps so popular nowadays? If it is nothing but a nuisance, why is everyone getting a mobile app for their business?

Mobile app development
Mobile app development

Mobile applications are not just requirements anymore. They are now a necessity. Customers prefer using the application on mobile as it is more accessible and personalized. This new normal has created an enormous market for mobile application developers and mobile app development companies globally. 

Studies report that 85% of businesses have used these applications for developing their businesses since 2018. In fact, companies depend more on customized apps than websites. These apps help them assist everyday operations, including data access, sales support, service support, communications, productivity, etc. Custom apps target unique needs and personalize the services for your customers.

We have been talking about a new buzzword. But, what is this custom mobile app? Is it similar to a regular mobile app? A custom mobile app helps you perform tasks and fill in gaps in the IT solutions that exist in your business. While off-the-shelf mobile applications are available to everyone, custom mobile apps are different.

Custom mobile applications
Custom mobile applications

While we can claim and predict numerous facts or figures about the importance of a custom mobile app, it is not enough. There is always a how and why. So, in this blog, MarsDevs focuses on introducing the benefits of customized mobile applications for a business.

5 reasons why mobile app development is essential for your business

Custom mobile app development company

Custom mobile app development company

  • Integrate a custom mobile app development process to improve efficiency.

There are several applications we use daily. In contrast to them, these mobile apps are business-focused. The mobile app development process keeps your business in mind. Studies suggest that it increases the efficiency of your business by around 46%. Being employee-friendly, these applications help your employees to produce the best output. Thus, eventually, it improves the business's overall efficiency. 

While you often have to use more than one application for business promotion, you can use the custom application and out your entire business together while promoting it collectively. You can imagine how easy it becomes for you to manage or handle your business and its people. When you use these applications, your business grows with maximum efficiency without much stress on the workload.

  • Your custom app helps you fit better.

Your business would have unique paradigms and goals. When you use an off-the-shelf application, these apps serve a generic solution. These solutions are often unsatisfactory as they solve general business problems. 

While it is excellent for you, the applications would not fit specific circumstances that demand unique perspectives to solve these issues. A custom mobile application takes care of them. They also ensure that your app's integration is limited to the existing structures, software, and tools that the company already uses.

Custom mobile app benefits
Custom mobile app benefits
  • The custom mobile app ensures security.

What would you do if someone fetched your application's code and hacked all the essential data related to your business? That is a real problem. A custom mobile application can help solve this problem as well. The mobile app is designed and developed for your business. So while development itself, security gets the most importance. 

Whatever you do in that mobile app customized for your business, the data is safe and completely secured from unauthorized access. They guarantee your private and essential business data keeping your requirements in mind. You can even decide on the different levels of security bases of data using this application. 

  • Custom Mobile Apps increase productivity in your organization.

What do you think about next once you assure efficiency, fit, and security in your business? Unless every employee in the organization is productive, you can not expect a big win. So, let us consider productivity as the next important point. Did you even know that a custom mobile application can increase a business's productivity by 41%? You can even increase the productivity of your products efficiently.

Studies suggest that 74% of customers agree with an increase in productivity after implementing the custom mobile app. 87% even report a reduction in inefficiencies. 60% saw a return on investments from these apps. And these figures attract more customers to these custom mobile app development teams.

  • Custom Mobile Apps enable Employee Collaborations.

As mentioned earlier, the customized mobile apps are based on your business. So, it is effortless for your employees to understand. These employee-friendly features increase employee collaboration by 28% and help your business grow faster. 

With a 28% increase in employee collaboration, you record a 28% increase in the amount of work done. The figure reflects your success, and it does not end here. When you increase input, you get maximum output as well. And that is what you ultimately want.

Different methods of developing a custom mobile application.

Mobile app development team
Mobile app development team

Primarily, there are two ways to develop a custom mobile application. You can create them from scratch or modify an off-the-shelf application.

  • Developing an application from scratch. 

One of the popular ways of creating a custom mobile app is by developing it from scratch. It is a challenging process. However, the process ensures the uniqueness of the final product. As this application would be difficult to copy, the company would also have a competitive advantage. 

You can build an application from scratch with the help of a:

  1. In-house development team.
  2. Outsourcing development team.
  • Modifying an off-the-shelf mobile application.

There can be a situation where an application meets all your business requirements except a few. In that case, you can skip the long and tedious way to modify the application to fit your needs better. There is always a downside to the shortcuts, and this does not stand as an exception here. Your competitors can easily imitate you. While the competitive advantage aspect can be questionable, many organizations follow this method.

Create a custom app for your business with the best development team!

Guess who the best fit for you is in this field. Of course, the one that helped you understand the custom mobile app development process better. We would say the answer should be MarsDevs. 

MarsDevs is the one-stop development shop that can help you with almost every software development requirement. Being one of the best mobile app development companies, MarsDevs can chip in anytime you want. It doesn't even matter if you wish to modify an already existing app. MarsDevs makes the best out of it. 

While we can discuss the limitless possibilities for hours, let us know each other better. Please share your project details so we can go through them. Also, let us know about your development requirements as we share our expertise. So what about a meet and greet virtually?

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