Case Study Medtrics

Published on:
November 21, 2022

Finding the team that takes care of all your needs and aligns with your company's value system is almost impossible. In addition, hiring is an expensive process. And for a startup, it's about that one chance. There's often a question of whether or not you would find the right fit on that first try. Unfortunately, the answer is often 'no', and the progress thus gets pretty slow.

About Medtrics

MarsDevs has been collaborating with Medtrics for tech assistance for some time. The business deals with hospitals and colleges' clinical education and management systems to manage the doctors' and students' schedules, calendars, curriculums, and other reports. 

Medtrics was a startup in dire need of tech assistance. They realized the bane of hiring an in-house team from the start and shifted their focus to a more efficient process. So, they outsourced their tech worries to MarsDevs. Now, MarsDevs is a development shop that takes care of all their tech needs and helps the founders worry about strategizing to scale their business.

Our Collaboration

Let us look at how this collaboration works. MarsDevs make their entire system scalable and optimize the backend so they can handle the 20k+ users. We ensure security and update the code base to use Django Rest Frameworks. While it seems life-saving, that's not all. 

As a startup, all kinds of integration matter to you. MarsDevs integrates several third-party software or plugins. This software includes zoom, pdftron, signature_pad, google calendars, etc. 

Tech Stack Analysis: 

Now let us take a deep dive into the analysis of how collaboration works. The tech used by MarsDevs includes:

  • Backend: Django, Redis, Celery, AWS
  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, VueJS, JQuery
  • CI/CD: gitlab-ci
  • Code version control: gitlab
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Emails: Mailchimp


The expert developers use these technologies to move the project from core JavaScript and AngularJS to VueJS. We have also modularized the front-end code. The modularization helps Medtrics to scale efficiently. MarsDevs has also reduced the line of code by 70% by upgrading to Django Rest Framework. The database queries are now organized and time-optimized. That does not sound interesting. Right? What if we reveal that it saves around 2000$ per month for Medtrics?

Apart from development, MarsDevs took care of the overall aesthetics too. UX design is essential, so MarsDevs made the UI responsive with improved UI and UX. The site is designed well and made easy to navigate for the users to stay. 

To Conclude: 

As MarsDevs took over the tech issues, Medtrics can now focus more on sales and getting more clients. Development is cheaper, and the brand does not have to worry about how to code it. If a startup is stuck on one issue, it affects the overall growth. MarsDevs streamlines the development by serving every need. While it sounds simple now, outsourcing your tech issues to an expert can also be life-changing for your brand.

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