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May 27, 2022

What fascinates you more about the websites? For MarsDevs, it is about the videos that make you stop where you would not, otherwise. In a website, or the animations that guide you through the way and help you navigate effortlessly. With compelling videos and well-curated content, marketing does not feel like selling anymore.

Videos in web designing

You would probably rather watch an informative video on how people move on to sustainable solutions than come across an ad pushing you to grab that product before you switch, too, right? It is the same with a website too.
So, in this blog, MarsDevs explores the possibilities of great motion graphics. The blog also illustrates how you can build the best brand identity with MarsDevs.

What is motion graphics?

When you come across video content that uses text, colors, graphics, and movement to convey a message through visually striking content, we call it motion graphics. Generally, we use this term for videos that do not have a powerful narrative or feature characters a lot. 
Thus, you can use videos for animating a logo, product videos, and even explainers. Leading brands have been using motion graphics for decades to deliver their message briefly and engagingly. 
According to CISCO, by 2022, about 82℅ of internet traffic would be driven by video content. Brands are willing to invest, and their audience, ready to engage. Not to forget, being easy to share, people often pass the content to their friends and family, giving it a better reach too.

Is motion graphics different from animation?

Motion graphics and animations
Motion graphics and animations

Animations are a unique way of communication. They are a blend of great visuals, motion storytelling, and engaging audio. But, you need to know about the difference between motion graphics and animations if you want to create or use them for your visual branding. 
Motion graphics are generally a type of animation. Animation includes everything ranging from cartoons to claymation and more. Anything that would fall under the umbrella of moving imagery can be called animation. Whereas motion graphics only groups moving or animated graphic design. 
To understand better, we need to accept that we often use these terms interchangeably. And the distinction is never black or white. MarsDevs has some tips for you to help you identify motion graphics from a group of animations.

  • Motion graphics illustrate complex ideas visually.
  • The visual styles of motion graphics appeal to a wide range of viewers.
  • Even if brands use motion graphics to tell a story, it has an informative structure.
  • If you have watched a Pixar movie, you would already know this. The animation tells stories that are not just for information or awareness.
  • Animations can be complex and expensive.

MarsDevs Tips on video marketing.

Video marketing in web design
Video marketing in web design

Think of a static infographic that sums up the same amount of information next. You are more likely to skip parts, right? While it sounds like inception, you would know you prefer the video to engage and make a purchase. So, why wouldn't your audience?

"Consumers consider brand video the preferred way for marketers to share information as it creates true engagement and builds brand loyalty."

-Levels Beyond Survey, 2014

There are many motion graphics applications, and you can consider any touch points depending on the communication needs.

  • Promo videos: You can publish your work or brand through viral videos, testimonials, case studies, reviews of the products, etc.
  • Explainer videos: You can post explanatory videos of introductions, services, products, processes, overviews, ideas, etc.
  • Traditional ads: These are just the ads you come across online or television commercials.
  • Sales collateral: You can also use videos to post about product information, company information, etc.
  • Social videos: You can engage with your followers on social media through video content. The content can be educational or entertaining.
  • Culture marketing videos: You can post content that showcases your brand, purpose, etc.

While MarsDevs can help you with the website designs and animations, let us discuss why you need them. How can the videos help in branding?

  • Motion graphics are captivating emotionally.

Well, videos are attention-grabbing. But even beyond that, they do affect our emotions. It is more like a biological response. And brands need to be grateful for the emotional contagion phenomenon that helps people empathize with and mirror the emotions they watch on screen.
Think of the latest horror movie you watched. Don't you experience physical fear even when you are not in that particular situation? It is simple. The videos help us communicate emotions better.

So, as a brand, we can use this medium to communicate our emotional stories and connect with our audience. Say you want to convey an inspirational story. You would use powerful voice overs, moody and confident music with stunning visuals, right? Motion graphics give you a sense of control over how you want to recite your story.

Motion graphics in design
Motion graphics in design
  • You can use the videos to distill information and comprehend better.

Why is visual storytelling so crucial? Because it is effective and targets how our brain processes the information. According to the study by MIT, the processing is pretty instant, sometimes as less as 15 milliseconds. So if you watch a video, it is much easier for you to understand it. 

Brands can use visual storytelling, break down long, complex concepts, and deliver the message clearly. You can use this format to create tutorials, break down "how-to"s, make consuming facts and data more interesting, and clarify abstract concepts.

  • A video is a passive experience.

According to the tubular insights reports, the customers often spend around six hours watching videos on social media networking sites every week. While we are not surprised, should we not get insights into why? The numbers can help us figure out what's next. But, we need an example to understand more.

Let us get back to the school days. Do you remember the days when a teacher was absent, and a substitute put on a video in class to help you understand the concept? Weren't we all so excited? Motion graphics do the same job.

Viewers do not have to go through bulls of information or read or explore data. They do not have to exert much mental energy. Press play, sit back are two easy steps. So, when you want to deliver an important message, story, or data, a video always works better.

  • You can repurpose it at any given time. 

Initially, Instagram was known for the pictures, Facebook for content that you can easily share with your friends and family, and Twitter for announcements. Social media sites have grown over the past and support video as one of the most vital forms of content. A brand can thus post a single type of content over all the platforms by repurposing or disseminating the motion graphics. This way, it can also extend the lifetime of a particular campaign. 

You can tailor-make the content for specific groups by breaking it up in certain ways. You can add the video to your next e-book or presentation too. Specific topics, especially the explainer videos, are evergreen. Thus, well-designed motion graphic content would cater to your audience better.

  • Short on time? Motion graphics will work!

Generally, motion graphics are around 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. That means you can make an impact in significantly less time. It is competitive, and you need good content with great designs. 

According to a study by Facebook in 2015, even if a person watches your video for just ten seconds, it still serves its purpose of increasing brand awareness and building purchase intent. You need to combine audio and visuals perfectly and say more with less content. Can a 1000 word article fit in a 2 minutes long video? Experiment and get going with explaining a complicated process in seconds.

When to use motion graphics and video?

Videos for web designs
Videos for web designs

When you go for visual content, how do you know that motion graphics is the right choice for you? Certain factors determine that, including what your audience wants and the vision of the content or what goal you want to achieve. 

MarsDevs presents you with a list of a few reasons why you would want to choose motion graphics. Apart from the information, it can help you with targeting compelling videos on your website too.

It is about curating the user experience thoroughly.

You can look at a static infographic and churn out the information you want to read. It is up to you how you pick and choose. The same pattern follows when you come across a piece of interactive content. Even this time, the details might be just a click away. 

But with motion graphics, viewers do not choose what to leave out while consuming the content. Indeed, they can easily rewind, fast forward, or skip, but that is not how people interact with a video. 

As long as your video stays engaging enough and brief, the viewers will be watching it from the beginning till the end. In this case, it is more plausible for them to see or hear everything you put out there. This is a beautiful way to tell your story to your audience. Fortunately, well-curated video content is proven effective and can get your story across.

You want content that increases your engagement and conversions.

Is your marketing effort falling flat? It is hard to accept, but there is no scarcity of content in this digital marketplace. And that can provide too many options for people to pick and choose from. They might not be able to understand what your company does at a glance, or you might need to stand out.

To all of these complicated situations, a video might be the answer. About four among five marketers have agreed that video gives them a better return on investment. Even studies have proven that video marketing helps businesses grow their revenue faster by about 49%, which sounds great. So, video content is worth more than just taking a chance, and you have a win-win game to play.

You want to communicate stats, facts, or benefits of a specific product.

Honestly, the facts you collect and put out there or the stats you use to prove specific information can be tedious. And after scrolling through the feeds for a day, it might get hard to grasp the boring details of how motion graphics can help a brand. So, it is your job to make it fun, crisp, and worth your audience's time.

Motion graphics help you convey information more simply. Now, it is easy to scan, and within seconds you know you want to get a subscription to a service that provides you both graphic design and videos. You can visually restrict the essential yet powerful elements and focus more on your content. You'll not only attract eyes, but it'll also increase your sales.

Animations in web design
Animations in web design

Build a strong brand with MarsDevs.

Say you get the best designers. Would it even be worth it if you do not have a good development team to delegate your tech needs? Development comes before content or marketing and MarsDevs can help you streamline this process. We know how tough hiring the perfect development team can be and to start, you do not need the best team.

Animated videos in your website can elevate the overall experience for your viewers. MarsDevs makes sure you do not lose users on the way by making use of these videos as a way to help you navigate. Along with premium quality coding, we develop, manage, and maintain your project. So, let us discuss your requirements while we discuss our experience and possibilities. Let’s hangout now?

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