A beginner's Guide to Cloud Computing

Published on:
June 9, 2022

How can something still be a buzzword? Every time I come across the word cloud computing, that comes to my mind. It is still an exciting concept among the business individuals and IT experts. But, it has now expanded to various industries, overcoming all the skeptical concerns and proving its capability to support businesses and help them succeed.

While you must have heard about cloud computing before, MarsDevs presents you with a simple guide to the concept of cloud computing, so you know what's up. This blog illustrates everything you need to know about the topic and more. 

What is cloud computing?

Cloud Computing Services
Cloud Computing Services

In simple terms, cloud computing involves delivering computing services. These computing services include storage, servers, networking software, databases, intelligence, and analytics. Over the internet, cloud computing helps you access flexible resources, fast innovations, and economies to scale.

As a cloud computing service user, you can operate virtually and be more productive than just processing data only on-premise access. Cloud computing can be divided into two parts: the Cloud and the Computing. 'The cloud' is the development model of the Cloud's strategy. Meanwhile, Computing is the service model. 

One of the examples of cloud computing is online files shared through Google Drive.

Cloud: As already mentioned, the cloud is the development model of the strategy. The models can vary depending on the needs of your organization as well.

  • Private cloud for on-premise access operates solely for one organization and has its own data centers.
  • A Public cloud provided by a cloud service provider that your organization does not have to maintain.
  • Hybrid cloud combines the advantages of both and presents you with a more efficient application.

While other modifications serve the company's different needs, let us skip the elaborate discussion and schedule it for another time. 

Best cloud computing services
Best cloud computing services

Computing: Computing is the service model as discussed. It can be divided into three main types:

  • PaaS or Platform as a service: With the platform as a service, you can configure settings and control the deployed applications.
  • SaaS or Software as a Service: Software as a Service lets you access application software and databases without maintaining and managing them or the infrastructure.
  • IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service: Also known as Hardware as a Service, it provides the most flexibility to your organization. The service providers take care of the operation, housing, and maintenance of the features for the clients and supply you with essential IT features.

How does Cloud Computing work?

Cloud Computing Working
Cloud Computing Working

Companies have two choices. They can own data centers and computing infrastructures or rent access from a cloud service provider. Which one do you think would be better, considering you need to maintain and manage the infrastructure in case you own it?

Cloud computing services can help you easily avoid the extra cost or complexity of owning or maintaining an IT structure. You can pay for what you want to use and then move on. But, what are the service providers doing? They benefit by delivering one service to multiple users at the same time. 

Is Cloud Computing important?

Cloud computing benefits
Cloud computing benefits

You need to chunk out a significant amount if you want to build an infrastructure to support cloud computing. But, that's the ultimate way to get through. Over the years, it has been clear that when you consider enterprises and their computing platforms, the cloud has already won.

Gartner, a well-known tech analyst, has predicted that half of what you spend across applications or infrastructure software systems will shift to the cloud by the year 2025. The increase is up from 41% in 2022. Therefore, two-thirds of what you spend on the application software will be spent via the cloud computing system.

This shift has gained momentum after the pandemic, with the need of digital solutions increasing with the new remote working ecosystem. It is essential to be able to access the computing infrastructures remotely and cloud computing presents you with a fantastic solution. According to Gartner and their reports, the demand for integration capabilities increases with agile work processes and great architecture. It's on the rise, and the way's still up.

Get tech-savvy with MarsDevs

You should just leave the technologically challenging days in the past. You are here now in this discussion with MarsDevs about cloud computing. It is time to take a step back from ignorance and get tech-savvy. We can make this investment affordable for you. 

With more and more innovative start-ups coming up, you make or break it in this industry now. Technology helps you be more efficient. And every business is tech-based. So, they would disrupt inefficiency. Being tech-savvy is not just a tool anymore. It decides your journey. 

MarsDevs is the one-stop development shop that takes care of all your tech needs. Proud of our excellent team of developers, we present you with skills, expertise, and overall tech assistance. We can chip in anytime you want, from consultancy to development, deployment to maintenance. But, let's not get late. Let us know your requirements as we book you a slot to discuss our expertise.

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