ASGI framework/toolkit

What is Starlette?

The best ASGI framework/toolkit for writing Python async web services is Starlette. It provides all the tools necessary to create JSON APIs with minimal boilerplate. Starlette can be used as a complete framework or as an ASGI toolbox. Furthermore, its components can all be utilized independently.



Starlette is lightweight and is a low-complexity HTTP web framework that is also open-source.

WebSocket Support

With Starlette, a server & user's browser can engage in a two-way interactive conversation.

High Performance

Comparing Starlette to external benchmarks, its overall performance is excellent.

Session and cookie support

Starlette has session and Cookie support, making it possible to store various information.

GraphQL Support

GraphQL support allows you to answer API requests using your current data.

Starlette Components

Framework:Starlette is intended to be used as an ASGI toolkit or a full framework with independent components.
Modularity:The modularity of Starlette encourages the development of reusable components that any ASGI framework may use.
Third-Party Packages:The developer community for Starlette is expanding quickly & these developers are creating solutions that interface with Starlette, depend on Starlette, etc.

Use Cases

Applications - The application class Starlette that Starlette offers neatly connects all of its other capabilities.
Server framework - Running Starlette asynchronously as an ASGI web server framework is possible.
Routing - Starlette's request routing technique is simple yet effective. A routing table is a set of routes supplied when an application is created.
APIs - It is a cutting-edge, quick & high-performance web framework for creating Python APIs.

Next steps for Starlette development with MarsDevs

Starlette offers lightning-fast speed and developer efficiency. The best thing about Starlette is that it is very light and easy to work with and can help you build applications with blazing-fast performance.

Today, Starlette has gathered much attention & many companies are using it for high-performance apps. MarsDevs can help you build your unique application with the Starlette framework if you are one of them. 

Leverage Starlette’s impressive 100% test coverage and zero hard dependencies with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Starlette?

Starlette is good at developing production-level async web services, high-performance applications, and APIs.

Is Starlette faster than FastAPI?

Starlette only surpasses FastAPI as the fastest framework. It is because FastAPI was created using Starlette.

Which companies use Starlette?

Scarlette is used by many Python developers owing to its outstanding features and is used by companies like, i-ikigai, ProDCube, and others.