Socket IO

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What is Socket IO?

For real-time web applications, Socket.IO is an event-driven library. It is based on the WebSocket protocol and offers extra assurances like a fallback to HTTP long-polling or immediate reconnection.


In 2010, Socket.IO was developed. Real-time communication, which was still a relatively new concept then, was made possible using open connections. Both client and server interaction is made possible today through



It depends on Engine.IO, which first attempts to upgrade to more advanced "testing" transports like WebSocket before establishing a long-running polling connection.

Auto-reconnection Support

Until the server is back up, the disconnected client keeps attempting to connect.

Disconnection Detection serves as the's beating heart. When no one else replies, it informs the server and the client.

Multiplexing Support

With the help of Socket.IO, you can split your application's concerns into different namespaces that will function as distinct communication channels while still using the same underlying connection.

Binary Streaming Support

Additionally, it permits the emission of any serializable binary data, such as ArrayBuffers, Blobs & more.


It is simple to send an event and get a response with the acknowledgments of


With debugging, a simple but incredibly potent tool, Socket.IO is now fully instrumented.

Socket IO Components

Server:Socket.IO has a server that connects to the Node.JS HTTP Server or interacts with it.
Client Library:It also has a client library loaded by the socket—io-client on the browser.

Use Cases

Instant Messengers - Instant messengers are programs like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others where you may get new messages without reloading your program or webpage.
Push Notifications - Push notifications are programs that alert you when someone tags you in an Instagram or Facebook photo or story.
Collaboration Applications - Applications used for collaboration let many users edit the same document at once, like Google Docs.
Online Gaming - Applications that provide bi-directional communication between several users, including those for online gaming. Online games in real-time include Fortnite, Among Us, Call of Duty, and Pubg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Socket.IO used?

Microsoft Office, Zendesk, Trello, and several other companies use Socket.IO to create reliable real-time solutions.

Where is Socket.IO used?

With the help of the well-known JavaScript package, you can establish real-time, two-way communication between web browsers and a Node.js server.

Is Socket.IO open source?

Being an open-source, cross-platform framework, Socket.IO offers full-duplex, bidirectional interaction between a client and a server based on events.