Rethink DB

Open-Source Database

What is RethinkDB?

The open-source NoSQL database RethinkDB strongly emphasizes scalability and high availability. Furthermore, it enables us to save JSON documents that we can subsequently search for.

However, RethinkDB's real-time streaming features are what set it different. We can perform searches on our database such that updates to the resultset are continuously streamed back to the client, giving us access to real-time updates to our data.


In 2009, RethinkDB was established. RethinkDB was once a MySQL storage engine that was SSD-optimized. They later created a document database management system (DBMS) like MongoDB.

The current RethinkDB DBMS design was initially released in November 2012. Therefore, RethinkDB's first "production-ready" release was version 2.0.The RethinkDB company stopped operations in October 2016 due to losses. The source code was acquired by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation after a year and was returned in 2017 to the open-source community effort.



It makes scaling simple by utilizing a distributed database and offers an autonomous database with excellent availability.


Combining replication and sharding (dividing a table over many machines), it is simple to use and set up in a cluster.


ReQL, a potent query language that permits connecting tables (common in conventional database systems), is a feature of this system.

JSON Support

It makes use of a NoSQL JSON dynamic document. It uses a binary on disk serialization to store JSON documents.

Storage Model

Like a conventional database, RethinkDB arranges data based on rows. However, it lacks a storage engine that is column-oriented.

Robust Architecture

It has a cutting-edge storage engine, contemporary distributed architecture, and a highly efficient buffer cache.

Open Source

It is a web application database that is available for free.

RethinkDB Components

Client Drivers:For Node.js, Python, Ruby, and Java, RethinkDB offers official client drivers. It also offers several non-official community drivers published on the official website.
RethinkDB Query Engine:As the name suggests, the RethinkDB query handler executes queries and sends the results back to the client.
RethinkDB Clusters:Developed for high-performance, real-time operations, RethinkDB is a distributed database that does so by clustering.

Use Cases

Streaming - You can stream data rather than awaiting the computation and transmission of the complete result to your clients.
Realtime marketplaces - The complexity of creating real-time trading and optimization engines is drastically reduced with RethinkDB.
Realtime updates - RethinkDB offers real-time push-based updates to several users in parallel through ReQL, a versatile and high-performance query language.
Multiplayer games - The data architecture for low latency, high throughput real-time interactions is drastically simplified by RethinkDB.
Realtime apps - It makes it simple to create real-time apps by posting changes to the database as they happen.
Connected devices - Modern IoT architectures are significantly streamlined using RethinkDB.

Next steps for RethinkDB development with MarsDevs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use RethinkDB?

RethinkDB, an open-source NoSQL database, strongly emphasizes scalability and availability, making real-time application development much easier.

Is RethinkDB fast?

RethinkDB is a quick and adaptable JSON-based database management system similar to MongoDB.

What is RethinkDB good for?

The first scalable, open-source database created to push data to real-time apps is called RethinkDB. It significantly reduces the time and effort needed to develop scalable real-time programs.