Open-Source Database

What is MariaDB?

To store and organize data, MariaDB is an open-source database. It offers distinctive features and advancements comparable to widely used databases like MySQL. MariaDB is reliable and scalable. Moreover, given that it is a drop-in replacement for the well-known MySQL relational database, you can migrate to a MariaDB server without altering the application code.


Sun Microsystems acquired MySQL in 2008. After then, Oracle obtained Sun Microsystems in 2010 along with MySQL. Michael Monty Widenius, the man behind MySQL, chose to fork it and found Monty Program AB. Later he renamed it MariaDB.

The MariaDB foundation was established in December 2012 to prevent any commercial purchase of MariaDB, similar to what had occurred to MySQL. The MariaDB Foundation's efforts aim to maintain MariaDB's viability and operate as a central hub for open worldwide cooperation.



Regarding database view queries, MariaDB outperforms MySQL with MyRocks storage and RocksDB engines.

Multiple threads

The thread pooling function of MariaDB can manage 200,000 connections at once.

OQGRAPH storage engine

Through the use of the OQGRAPH storage engine, MariaDB enables the simultaneous execution of graph processing and standard SQL queries.

Oracle Compatibility

Various capabilities have been added to MariaDB that mimic Oracle databases' functionality, particularly its PL/SQL language.

System-versioned tables

With system-versioned tables, you can execute a query with a specified temporal range and get results that reflect the state of the database at that time.

Sequence storage engine

With a specified beginning value, ending value, and increment value, sequence engines let you build ascending or descending sequences of integers.


The MariaDB team collaborates closely with the Mitre Organization to guarantee that all security flaws are swiftly identified and adequately documented.

MariaDB Package Components

InnoDB:An all-purpose storage engine called InnoDB is renowned for balancing high dependability and great performance.
XtraDB:XtraDB was intended to be a drop-in storage engine for MariaDB and was formerly a more popular option than InnoDB.
MyRocks/RocksDB:Created and maintained by the Facebook database engineering team, this engine is designed for quick, low-latency storage.

Use Cases

Data type flexibility - When it involves insertions and updates, MariaDB permits data type flexibility, transforming the data to the appropriate type.
Master-master replication - It is supported by MariaDB, which is useful for applications that need high availability and minimal latency.
Smart transactions - By integrating columnar storage suited for quick analytics with row storage optimized for quick transactions, MariaDB provides smart transactions.
Data analytics - With columnar storage and enormously parallel processing (MPP), MariaDB can be used as a data warehouse or analytics database to run interactive, ad hoc queries.
Enterprise reliability - The database is constantly accessible, and its data is always safeguarded because of cutting-edge features like online disaster recovery, a strong database firewall, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can MariaDB be used for?

The MariaDB database is used for many things, including data warehousing, online shopping, enterprise-level functionality, and logging software.

Why use MariaDB over MySQL?

MariaDB's speed and performance over MySQL are by far its biggest advantages. MariaDB is quicker regarding replication and running queries, allowing several connections open at once with no performance loss.

What are the features of MariaDB vs MySQL?

In contrast to MySQL, MariaDB offers various capabilities like virtual columns, sequence storage engines, and the capacity to combine different storage engines into a single table.