WSGI Server

What is Gunicorn?

Gunicorn is created to be lightweight yet effective and built on Python. It is short for "Green Unicorn." Gunicorn is designed to work with a wide range of web servers.

It also doesn't care how you developed your web application as long as the WSGI interface can be used to connect with it. Gunicorn handles everything that occurs between the web server and your web application.


Benoit Chesneau wrote Gunicorn as a pre-fork worker model. It was initially released in 2010, while the stable release was in 2021. The Gunicorn server is easy to use, uses few resources, and works well with many web frameworks. It is also reasonably fast.



It has supported some of the biggest Python-powered web applications in the world and is a reliable, widely-used component of web app deployments.

WSGI server

To run Python web apps that implement the application interface, Gunicorn supports the PEP3333 WSGI server standard specification.

Easy configuration

It is one of the least CPU-intensive, high-performing application servers that are also simple to configure.

Reduces load

It handles everything in the path from the web server to your application, freeing it to carry out its intended function.

Simple architecture

The Gunicorn's design is simple and is based on the pre-fork worker paradigm.


It can handle hundreds of requests per second and is intended to be efficient and lightweight.

Gunicorn Components

Network components:Server and Request Handlers that care for the bottom-level OS interface.
WSGI layer:It can communicate with the Python program and adheres to the WSGI standard.
Python application:It often uses a framework like Flask or Django and provides the business logic you intend to carry out with your application.

Use Cases

Deploy Python Web Apps - Executing many Python processes within a single dyno. You may execute any Python program simultaneously.
Networking & asynchronization - Similar to Tomcat for Java or Unicorn for Ruby, Gunicorn is an application server. It handles vertical scalability, networking, and asynchronization.
Web Interface - For an app (or any Python framework) to comprehend incoming requests and respond appropriately, Gunicorn serves as an interface between the Nginx server and the Python program.
Run Multiple Projects - On a single server (say Ubuntu), Gunicorn runs several projects, Django or Flask.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gunicorn used for?

For WSGI applications, Gunicorn is a pure-Python HTTP server. You may execute any Python program simultaneously by executing many processes within a single dyno. It offers the ideal blend of functionality, adaptability, and configuration ease.

Who uses Gunicorn?

Several companies like the Bank of America Corporation, Siemens AG, Accenture, and Bloomberg LP use Gunicorn in their application development services.

What are the advantages of Gunicorn?

Gunicorn is one of the least CPU-intensive, high-performing application servers that are also simple to configure.