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What is Flutter?

With the game-changing technology known as Flutter, you can write only one codebase to create apps for various platforms. The benefits of Flatter make it simple to adapt and deploy the code you used to create your Android app for iOS, the web, or even as a desktop application with little to no changes.
The best part? Multiple codebase upkeep will never be necessary again!

The best part? Multiple codebase upkeep will never be necessary again!
There are two key components of flutter:
SDK Kit: A group of tools that will assist you in creating your applications is known as an SDK (Software Development Kit). It also consists of programs for converting your code into native machine code (for iOS and Android).

A Framework: A group of reusable UI components you can customize to meet your needs.Developers can use Dart programming language to create Flutter applications.


The Sky Engine was created because the Google development team heard the cry to "Open The Sky" in October 2014. It changed over time to become Flutter. 

The team behind Flutter set out with one goal: to build a platform that enhanced the overall development experience while simultaneously being stunning and highly functional. They didn't, however, stop there. Additionally, they kept the platform open-source and adaptable so developers could modify it to meet their needs.

Dart, the programming language used by Flutter, was at the core of everything. This extremely portable and user-friendly language is ideal for programmers wishing to create cutting-edge mobile apps because it supports compilation to efficient JavaScript, Intel & ARM machine code.

However, the initial commit was made in May 2017 & in February 2018, after much waiting, the beta version was eventually made available.


One Codebase

Gone are the days of creating individual codebases for iOS & Android devices. With its code reuse abilities, developing one codebase for multiple platforms is much easier.

Quick Compilation

You can modify your code and immediately see the consequences with Flutter. It is known as Hot-Reload, which automatically updates the app in seconds.

It’s All Widgets

When creating eye-catching aesthetics for your application, Flutter's specific widgets are an amazing one.

Rich Libraries

Flutter uses the speedy and reliable open-source graphics software Skia. The UI is updated each time a view is modified. The outcome? A quick and fluid app loading experience.

Vast Community

Flutter has a vast and robust community with many backers.

Robust App Development

Flutter is popular for app development. Nowadays, many top firms like Alibaba, Airbnb, Uber, eBay, and others use Flutter to create apps.

Customizable UI Design

Flutter enables simple modification, which isn't always possible with native platforms, even for complicated UI designs.

Flutter Package Components

Dart PackageDart-written general packages like the path package. Some of them, like the fluro package, might only operate with Flutter since they depend on the Flutter framework or contain Flutter-specific functionality.
Flutter PackageGeneric Dart code that can only be used in a mobile environment and depends on the Flutter framework. Fluro, for instance, is a special router for flutter.
Flutter Plugin:Generic Dart code dependent on the Flutter framework and the platform's underlying code (Android SDK or iOS SDK).

Use Cases

Building high-performance apps
Creating dynamic applications
Developing web-based enterprise applications
Building on-demand applications
Creating ultra-modern video streaming applications
Building web applications with robust UI
Allowing real-time application testing
Reducing traffic and ensuring better performance of apps
Developing single-page business applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Flutter be used for?

Flutter changes how apps are developed. You can create, test, and release stunning desktop, web, mobile, and embedded apps using a single codebase.

What are the features and benefits of Flutter?

As a cross-platform mobile development framework, Flutter has a lot of benefits, such as the ability to produce web applications with a native appearance on Android and iOS devices, decreased development costs, and enhanced flexibility.

What makes Flutter unique?

Because it is not dependent on website browser technology or the series of in-built widgets on each system, Flutter changes from various frameworks for creating Android applications.