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What is Firebase?

Firebase is a Google platform for creating mobile apps with strong tools for creating, managing, and upgrading applications. The backend platform Firebase is used to create online and mobile apps. 

Many of Google Firebase's capabilities establish it as the preferred backend development solution for websites and mobile applications.


Google Firebase is an infrastructure that today provides an active backend as a service (BaaS) for developing dynamic online and mobile apps. It was first developed in 2011 as a chat API and was bought by Google in 2014.

The Firebase idea is simple. For instance, Google Firebase can quickly transform client-side software created using JavaScript or any framework into a serverless app. You no longer need to do so since it manages your databases.



It supports passwords, Google, and other methods of authentication. An app can manually incorporate one or more sign-in methods using Firebase Authentication (SDK).


A web app can be hosted quickly using Firebase Hosting with content caching across global CDNs.

Test lab

In Google's data centers, virtual and actual devices are used to test the application.

Realtime database

Data is instantly synchronized across all clients and is still accessible even when an app is not running.


With Firebase, notifications can be sent without any additional code.

Firebase ML

Firebase ML is useful if you need to launch a machine learning project along with your app.


Google Firebase stores data in real-time databases and specialized cloud-based NoSQL databases called Firestore.

VueJs Package Components

Firestore:Cloud Firestore supports richer, quicker searches and scales more effectively than Realtime databases.
Query:It has minimal storing and filtering capabilities but offers deep searches.
Data models:Realtime databases store data in a single, enormous JSON tree, which makes it relatively simple to store simple data but more difficult to organize at scale for complex or hierarchical data.

Use Cases

Analytics Firebase Analytics provides such a comprehensive perspective of your product that it may aid in your growth and the development of your marketing plans.
Remote Configuration Depending on how you utilize it, Firebase Remote Config enables you to do A/B testing, offer a customized experience & much more.
DatabaseFirebase Cloud Firestore stores data in documents and collections. Unlike Realtime, it stores data in a JSON object and makes it available to connected clients in reality.
Cloud MessagingA practical and helpful tool, Firebase Cloud Messaging likewise has its basic capabilities activated when Android Studio is added as a requirement.
AuthenticationFirebase Authentication can assist you in putting into practice features that even a beginner would imagine having, such as email/SMS verification and user sign-in/sign-up capabilities.
Push NotificationsWith Firebase, push notifications can be sent without additional code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main use of Firebase?

The Firebase Realtime Database can produce robust, collaborative applications by enabling secured database authentication over client-side coding. Data is locally stored, and real-time events continue to happen even when the user is offline, providing a responsive experience.

What is Firebase Basics?

Web, Android, and iOS applications can be built using Firebase's backend platform. It provides a real-time database, various APIs, various methods of authentication, and a hosting platform.

Is Firebase a coding language?

With Firebase, you can create web and mobile applications without using a server-side programming language.