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What is AngularJs?

AngularJS is a web application development framework. It is a Model-View-Controller open-source platform comparable to the JavaScript framework. AngularJS is a web application development framework. This framework is usually used to create (not limited to) Single Page Applications.

A group of Google developers worked together to create this framework. The framework remains updated with Google's unwavering support and suggestions from a large community forum. It also always integrates the most recent market development trends.

By design, the AngularJS framework emphasises the MVC pattern. So it’s because building websites using the MVC pattern allows for obvious differences between different program portions, making development quicker and app management more realistic.


MVC (Model-View-Controller)

AngularJS builds web apps using the well-known MVC paradigm. The logic of MVC is divided into three parts: model, view, and controller. It makes AngularJS web apps easier to manage and more resilient.

Less Code

To manipulate the document object model (DOM) in the typical method, you'll require a lot of JavaScript code. In AngularJS, this is different. With Angular, you can accomplish the same thing with far less code.

Data Model Binding

You don't need to create complicated or lengthy code to link data to HTML components. AngularJS, on the other hand, makes it relatively easy to do so using intuitive JavaScript snippets and associated HTML object commands.

Unit Testing

Every developer understands the significance of unit testing. The Karma framework can be used to run unit tests in AngularJS. Google created Karma, particularly for AngularJS, to make it easy to create dependable tests.

Open Source

AngularJS is an open-source framework. Open-source frameworks receive regular updates that swiftly resolve bugs and concerns, keeping the frameworks relevant and reliable.

Built-in Filters

Filters are integrated into AngularJS and format data. However, the default filters only sometimes meet the criteria for filtering the results. Then customized filters can be used.


Templates can be used with AngularJS to help you develop apps faster. The template includes simple HTML code that developers may modify to match the app's final design

Use Cases

  • Building high-performance apps
  • Creating dynamic applications
  • Developing web-based enterprise applications
  • Building on-demand applications
  • Creating ultra-modern video streaming applications
  • Building web applications with robust UI
  • Allowing real-time application testing
  • Reducing traffic and ensuring better performance of apps
  • Developing single-page business applications

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AngularJS mainly used for?

AngularJS is a dynamic web app structure framework. It allows you to utilise HTML as your template language and enhance HTML syntax to represent the components of your application simply and concisely.

Why do companies use AngularJs?

For a good reason, Angular is well-known in front-end circles. Because of its readability, modular structure, and code uniformity, it is ideal for progressive web apps and single-page applications. Companies like YouTube, Netflix, and Microsoft use AngularJS in their development.

When to use AngularJs?

AngularJS is an open-source application framework used to develop interactive website components. It is a popular framework because of its efficacy, simplicity, and adaptability.