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What We Can Do

A team of developers, focused on providing premium code quality when building applications cost-efficiently for you.

API development

We can develop APIs using using REST and GraphQL. These APIs are built using proper database schema design by normalising the the tables.

Beautiful UIs

The feeling of confidence while navigating an app, meaningful animations guiding the user, a well balanced colour scheme and confident typography are all traits of winning and revenue generating apps.

Code Maintenance

Your product is built with most of the required features and now you don't want an aggressive development, still we can help you do that by maintaining the code and adding more feature to your products.

Change Tech-Stack

Transfer of technical stack can be done from Php/Nodejs/Golang/Ruby to any of the Python/Ruby frameworks.

Why Choose Us

We can chip in at all the stages of the software development stages, right from conceptualisation to development - deployment to maintenance. We are an experienced team with expertise in new-age front-end UI and back-end technology stacks, constant focus on researching new technologies and innovation, strong cloud expertise, strong consulting expertise. We leverage secure & scalable open-source technologies and cloud ecosystem to develop applications with a clean, readable, and standards-based codebase.


How Can We Help


Resource Augmentation

A temporary or permanent resource at a very reasonable rate could be available to fulfil the requirement. This resource can be available with the required technical expertise like - Backend, Frontend, DevOps, DBA, etc. Remote team members to the existing teams who have extensive experience working across time zones as well as a variety of collaborative tools can be added.


Fixed Scope or Price Project

Ownership of the project delivery based on the defined scope from technical perspective. Our engagement includes all aspects of delivery such as technical development, data management, quality management, project management, and timely communication. There will be complete ownership transfer in this model per the requirement.



Assess existing technology ecosystem, system architecture, scalability requirements, and data engineering & modeling needs by leveraging industry patterns, technology frameworks, business knowledge, and data benchmarks using subject-matter experts


Business Focused Development

When Clients want to not care much the technical aspect of the product and want to focus on business side of it then they prefer this model. Clients can have minimal involvement and timely deliveries. We take full ownership of the entire solution and work towards achieving agreed-upon timelines with the highest level of code quality.

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What clients say about us

These guys are one of the best Django developers I have seen. They helped us to migrate from Core Django to Django Rest Framework and the frontend from AngularJS to VueJS. We have been using their resources for 2 years now. We could focus on business as MarsDevs are taking care of our tech.

Santosh Cherian
CEO, Medtrics

We have used MarsDevs resources for developing our flagship product ReadyCoach. It was built within given timeline and with utmost attention to details. They are always ready to help you out with your queries and flexible with the last minute changes.

Balaji Jayaraman
Founder, CodeCygnus

MarsDevs has provided our organization with a team of developers who work hard and diligently according to specifications. We hired MarsDevs to augment our team and accelerate a number of Epics in our product backlog including customer onboarding flows. They have been very responsive and have helped shape new SDLC processes for our organization.

Jordan Van Schyndel
CEO, Emotive

For TyreExpress, it's vital to process and response to incoming data on real-time basis as the data is consumed by the hardware present on the vehicles. MarsDevs has done the job with the perfection. I highly recommend using their resource augmentation model.

Dinesh Wakale
Co-Founder, TyreExpress